Stremio, free Netflix

stremio lo

Since popcorn Time original is no longer, it has been replaced by very good forks like Netflix but if you want to test a better free alternative to Netflix, Why not try Stremio ?

This software available under Windows, Mac and Linux allows you to stream series, films and live television from a very successful interface.

You will even find French subtitles on some files. Like its illustrious predecessor, Stremio uses P2P to deliver content without a central server.

With the same operating principle as Popcorn Time, Stremio needs to download a dedicated program.

Be careful, your antivirus will not appreciate Streamio, but this is a false positive. You can therefore deactivate it without problem during installation.

When launched, Stremio asks you to identify yourself by creating an account, but it is possible to access the application without creating an account by clicking on “Guest connection”.

The program interface consists of four parts: Discovery, Table, Library and Calendar.

The first part gives you the list of films and series that you could discover in poster form and with a summary of the film on the right.

Next we find the dashboard. The latter adapts to the way you use Stremio by displaying recommendations based on what you have watched on the software.

Then there is the library part. It displays your collection of movies and series, with the ability to import local content directly from your computer.

Finally, we find the calendar part. Its role is to display the schedule of all releases for the series you follow.

There are also a lot of additional options to manage the subtitles. The software is really very complete and it could perfectly be the new one Free Netflix.

Note that the contents indexed on Stremio point to legal works but also illegal works. So, it is better to install a good VPN  on your computer before using Stremio.