Login Windows 8 without password

windows 8 password
windows 8 password

Dernière mise à jour: 23 mai 2024

Normally, when starting Windows 8, the user must enter their password in order to log in. However, if you are the only one with access to your computer, it is possible to open your session without having to type your password.

Here is the procedure to follow to save your password in order to open your session Windows automatically after starting the PC.

In the start menu, right click and choose all apps. In the list, click Execute. Otherwise you can also use the Win + R keyboard shortcut to launch the Run window.

Then type Control userpasswords2 and validate.


In the new window, unhook Users must enter a username and password to use this computer.


You will then be asked one last time to enter your username and password.

Finally, you will no longer be asked for a password even in the event of a session lock and your session will be automatically opened.