5 apps that ruin your battery life

battery life
battery life

Dernière mise à jour: 16 mai 2024

When it comes to apps that drain your battery, we're used to finding the same culprits: Google Maps, Facebook, bloatware and some cleaning applications, which not only impact the battery but also other resources. A recent Avast report reveals unexpected culprits that are seriously disrupting thebattery life.

Below is the overall ranking of the applications launched by users that are the most battery hungry:


Snapchat is a very entertaining application with this all filter brewing methods. Snapchat but it consumes many resources such as memory and battery life. This app is one of the worst when it comes to using these resources and if you're not careful it can consume most of your data and battery life. One way to mitigate these drawbacks is to block access to Snapchat to your mobile data and to only use it when Wi-Fi access is available.



Netflix consumes a huge amount of energy. Like any application of streaming, it uses the battery to download and play video programs. But the most aggravating factor for thebattery life is obviously the display function which requires a lot of energy.

However, to limit consumption, you can, if conditions allow, decrease the screen brightness. For example, if you are watching your favorite series under your duvet, there is no reason to leave the light at its maximum.


Amazon Shopping

You don't generally expect to find Amazon's shopping app in the battery “killer” app category. Indeed generally the time spent on this application is limited compared to other more entertaining applications. However, there are 2 reasons why Amazon shopping is bad for your battery:

  • Amazon shopping is not really optimized to work under Android, and therefore relative to the time spent, the Amazon application consumes more battery compared to other applications
  • Amazon shopping like messaging or weather apps continues to operate in the background even if you are not using the app to continually update offers and promotions.

Combine these 2 factors and you get the reasons why Amazon Shopping is ruining your battery. So if you don't use it frequently then it might be relevant to get rid of this app.

Amazon shopping


The Outlook application is another energy-consuming application. Whether you check your email too frequently or the sync frequency is too high, Outlook is a threat to your battery life. Plus, chances are you didn't need to use Outlook. Indeed  Android offer a messaging application by default where you can check your emails. Ideally only one app should be used on your device or you can view all your accounts.


WhatsApp isn't the only heavy-consuming messaging app, but it's the most popular. We could add WeChat, ChatOn or Line.

Avast's report suggests turning off notifications to lessen the app's effect on your battery. And if possible, you can also reduce the number of messages sent or restrict your video consumption on WhatsApp.