Optimize Android battery performance

optimize battery
optimize battery

Last updated: July 21, 2022

We are spending more and more time on our smartphones and not just on the phone. We surf, chat and play and after only half a day the drums are already running out of steam.

It's annoying when we all know how much time we have to go without our mobile before it is recharged.

To remedy this, I am sharing with you some practical tips and 4 applications to optimize the autonomy of all types of batteries on Android smartphones.

9 Tips to Optimize Android Battery

  • Lower the brightness of your smartphone and turn it off when you don't need it.
  • Close all applications that are not useful to you and reduce the standby time.
  • Turn off the Wi-Fi, 3G and bluetooth network when not in use. They greatly deplete your smartphone battery life (just like a laptop battery).
  • Avoid opening up more and more demanding applications.
  • Use GPS in moderation. GPS is a small radio station that sends and receives signals to and from satellites to locate the location of your phone on the surface of the Earth. So it consumes a lot of energy.
  • Avoid syncing different devices all the time.
  • Avoid the use of the vibrator and prefer the ringtone when you are not in a public place, more discreet, but a large consumer of energy.
  • Good use of your battery is essential. The current batteries are made of Li-Ion so it requires special care. 
  • Deactivate the sound mode emitted by pressing the keys. Not only are they greedy in energy but in addition, it will avoid breaking the ears of your neighbors!

4 apps to save your Android battery

DU Battery Saver

DU Battery Saver - battery repair is an excellent application that allows you to save the energy of your smartphone by cleaning its excess, in particular at the level of the system parameters. It is a free application android battery saver which allows to extend its autonomy.

It does its job impeccably, it is teeming with options, allowing the use of presets, easy management of mobile data, connections and processor frequency. This application also allows you to control, manage and systematically deactivate apps that drain the processor in order to protect your hardware.

Autorun manager

The Autorun Manager application is not strictly speaking an Android battery saver but, as its name suggests, it allows you to select which applications to launch when your Android mobile starts up. Be careful, however, not to deactivate essential services. On the other hand, prohibiting a few social media apps from starting on their own can be a good idea. As on PC, these applications will start completely normally when you choose to launch them.

Download Autorun Manger


Tasker is a wonderful application dedicated to Android. Much more than a battery saver or a "task killer", it automates actions that are carried out regularly in great detail.
According to uses, according to schedules, according to the equipment used (determine what to do when you plug in a helmet for example). This is the rolls of automation. What to configure his Android device so that it does not exhaust too much in the battery.

Download Tasker

Battery Defender

Battery Defender extends the life of your battery. Indeed, when you turn off the screen of your smartphone, the latter automatically deactivates the wifi and bluetooth connection, as well as the GPS, in order to save Android battery.

We also have the possibility of activating specific modes for the night and when the battery is almost empty (deactivating the network during the night, or when the battery drops below 30% for example).