4 ways to damage your laptop battery

4 ways to damage your laptop battery
4 ways to damage your laptop battery

Last updated: July 21, 2022

A few years ago, we used to have laptops with external batteries that can be removed and therefore changed in a fairly easy and above all economical way.

Today, however, the situation has changed considerably. Indeed, the batteries are now integrated into computers and to change them, you either have to know how to disassemble this type of machine yourself, or go through a professional and there, the bill can quickly become steep.

So, his laptop, it is better to take care of it rather than something bad happens.

In this article, we are therefore going to tell you what you absolutely must avoid doing with it to make your battery last as long as possible. Let's not waste a moment and let's go!

Sudden changes in temperature

Often when we have a laptop quite logically, we will take it everywhere with us. But although it seems logical, there are a few precautions to take when transporting your computer.

Indeed, if too much heat or on the contrary too much cold will have effects for us, it is also the case for the battery of our computers which do not really appreciate going to the extremes in terms of temperature.

Therefore, what we will advise you to do is to buy a carrying bag for your laptop. This will insulate it from the cold in winter and will prevent it from being directly exposed to the heat of the sun in summer.

Similarly, when you carry a laptop, we advise you to turn it off first. So, once you've arrived at your destination, let it cool down or warm up a bit before turning it on. It's very simple and it doesn't ask you much, but you will be able to save your battery over time.

Letting it constantly charge

Often when we have a laptop and we are in a place with a power outlet, we tend to do one thing, leave it constantly plugged into the mains and this for several reasons.

We can, for example, speak of system performance which are generally better when you plug in your computer. We can also talk about the fact that it's less annoying to let it charge continuously, rather than plugging it in and unplugging it at regular intervals.

However, by doing this, you damage the battery from your laptop. Indeed, very often, by not taking the time to do a normal charging cycle, you will destroy your battery at high speed.

It may sound completely counter-intuitive, but it is and maybe you have already had this experience of a laptop that has almost no battery life when you have never used it. In 99% of cases this is why you have problems!

Not managing your battery

We just said, let plugging in your laptop for too long sessions when it's already loaded, this is one of the biggest mistakes you can make and many people do.

But you should know that a laptop battery is managed and that there are a few rules to follow if you ever have a power outlet nearby. Inevitably, if you are in nomadic mode and without means of charging your computer, these tips do not apply to you.

But if it is possible, you should know two things. The first is that you should never recharge a laptop that has more than 80% battery. Indeed, it is better to let it turn and descend in battery than to constantly want to enter too high.

In the same way, you should never let it drop below 40% battery if possible because it is from this limit that your battery will start to deteriorate. In summary, if you have a power outlet available, here is the procedure to follow.

  • When your computer is charged, unplug it.
  • At 40% battery, plug it in.
  • At 80% battery unplug it again.
  • Repeat the previous steps.

Some laptops allow you to limit the charge percentage to around 80% to extend your battery life. This feature is supported by specific manufacturers using their own apps, such as MyASUS for ASUS users and "Battery Limit Mode" setting for Microsoft Surface users.

Other users can download the free Battery Limiter app for Windows.

Discharge your battery from time to time

We have just told you, if you want to preserve a laptop battery over time, you will have to cycle it as accurately as possible. From then on, you were told not to let it fall flat if possible.

Except that at times, it is still better to make him do a full charge and discharge cycle. This is therefore a little counter-intuitive compared to what you were told and that is why we are going to explain everything to you here.

In the vast majority of cases, you should not go so far as to discharge the battery and you will therefore have to follow what you have been given as a tip just above. However, from time to time, Doing a full discharge is important.

Indeed, if you do not do this, your battery may be a little lost and no longer charge properly. Thus, you might have problems if you never unload your computer.

As for the frequency with which you will have to do this manipulation, we advise you to do it about once a month. Like this you save your battery while saving you problems in the future.


That's it, you now know our tips and tricks to be able to conserve your battery over time. The main thing to do is therefore to manage the charging cycles to avoid typing too much into it.

The second thing to do is simply to avoid excessive temperature differences which can also quickly damage your batteries. However, we must see one thing that remains inevitable.

Indeed, even if you religiously apply all these tips, your battery will eventually wear out. As it is used, it will decrease in autonomy, but by applying all these tips you should be able to guarantee yourself a few years of peace of mind.