How to record your video calls Windows 10 ?

record video call
record video call

You want to record video chat through Zoom, Skype, Google Meet or even Microsoft Team? Do you want to keep track of your video calls to share with loved ones or to use it professionally?

Stop your research. Thanks to this tutorial, you will be able to record your video conversations, regardless of the email software you are using.

You do not need to install any software to record what is happening on your screen. Sure Windows 10, you have the Xbox Game bar.

Xbox game bar, what is it?

Basically intended for video games, Xbox game bar peut record video from any application.

For record video call, open your favorite mailbox ( Google Meet, Skype or Whatsapp, Zoom...), start the conversation and start recording.

The Xbox Game bar has several interesting features, especially in terms of sound. It is possible to record or not your microphone and manage the different sound intensities during recording

There are, however, some limitations: you cannot save File Explorer or the desktop Windows 10. It is also not possible to switch from one window to another: the Xbox bar only records what is happening on the app from which you started recording.

Record a video call with Xbox Bar

Start recording

First, press the logo key Windows G to open the Game Bar.

Start your conversation to record. Click on Capture then Start recording. Automatically the sound from your microphone is not recorded.

To change this, click Activate the microphone during recording.

Watch your video

During recording, the Xbox bar disappears and a control window appears in the right corner.

To stop recording click on Stop recording.

A notification will appear, click on it to view your recording. if you miss this notification, reopen the Xbox bar and click Show all captures.

Manage registration

Thanks to the Xbox bar you can mix the sound depending on where it comes from. click on Audio. All sound sources appear and you can manage the different intensities. You can also view your PC's performance to see if it supports the game you are playing. Finally, click on Pin to keep a window open even during recording.