Easily manage proxies with FoxyProxy

foxproxy 1
foxproxy 1

You want to use a proxy, but you don't know where to start? FoxyProxy is an extension for Firefox and Chrome allowing you to configure as many proxies as you want to be able to change the IP at will and instantly.

I already spoke to you in a previous article on how to use a proxy on firefox and chrome. The problem is that finding and configuring a proxy is often a hassle.

FoxyProxy is an extension for Firefox and chrome that allows you to quickly and easily manage proxies. This extension allows you to configure several servers to quickly switch from one to the other in the event of failure of the default connection.

How to use FoxyProxy?

Start by downloading and installing the extension dedicated to your browser:

When you restart your browser, you will see a new fox icon to the right of the address bar. Click on this icon to display the setting interface.
In the first tab, click on Add a new proxy and enter the IP address and port of your proxy.
To find proxies that are worth the detour, the site xroxy.com offers an updated list of the best servers based on their level of anonymity, speed and protocol used.
Note that FoxyProxy connects to certain proxies depending on the sites you visit (such proxy for such site or not at all).
Give your proxy a name, a color code and choose whether or not to delete cookies before using it. Some settings are optional.
After validating, your first configured proxy will be on the main window. It's time to activate it.
At the very top, next to selecting the mode, you will have the choice between completely disabling FoxyProxy, using the "Default" proxy for all URLs and using the proxy that we have added.