Make Windows 10 Look Like Windows 11

Windows 11 1
Windows 11 1

You want to take advantage of the new Windows 11 look ? You wish make your Windows 10 look like the next Windows from Microsoft ? In this guide we will completely revamp Windows 10 with the theme, icons and user interface of Windows 11.

For that, you don't need to illegally download the leaked, unstable and unsupported version of Windows 11.

Follow the guide!

A new clean look

While it's impossible to recreate Windows 11 entirely on Windows 10, tweaking desktop elements with more substantial visual impact can bring us pretty close.

These elements are:

  • The theme of the window.
  • The icons.
  • The task bar.

Fortunately, it's easy with the right tools.

Compatible operating systems

Disclaimer: We suggest you back up your operating system before using them, even if you are using a compatible version. Perform a full backup or, at the very least, create a system restore point before you begin.
Otherwise here are the operating systems compatible with the tools mentioned in the article.

  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 10 (tested: 1507, 1607, 1809, 1903, 1909, 2004, 20H2, 21H1)
  • Future versions

Change the theme and icons of the window

Download Windows 11 theme

The first thing to do is to create a folder and name it Windows 11 Theme. Now anything you download including tools, wallpapers, etc., moves them to this folder to avoid confusion during setup.

Then head over to ', scroll down and click Latest version to download "SecureUxTheme".

SecureUxTheme is a tool that allows you to install themes not authorized by Windows and available on sites like DeviantArt.

Then go to the DeviantArt site and create an account. Now download the Windows 11 theme for Windows 10 by niivu .

Save it in the folder we created earlier.

Download Windows 11 Icon Pack

Stay on DeviantArt and download the niivu windows 11 icons and save it in the same folder.

You will also need a tool called 7TSP to patch icons. You will also find it on DeviantArt , so it is easier to download it with window and icon themes.

Open the folder where you saved everything, right click on the SecureUxTheme file and run it as administrator. Leave everything as is for now and click Install bottom right.

Restart your computer.

After a restart, go back to the folder and unzip the theme and icon files you downloaded. In the theme folder, you will find a subfolder Windows 10 Themes, with two versions of the theme in two other subfolders.

One offers "Regular Taskbar" and the other "Thick Taskbar".

Choose the one you prefer, enter the folder and copy whatever you find inside (with keyboard shortcuts CTRL + A then CTRL + C).

Now go to C: \ Windows \ Resources \ Themes and paste the theme files ( CTRL + DRAW ).

Run SecureUxTheme as administrator again and this time you will see the new theme that you added to the Windows 10 themes folder listed on the top left. Choose the variant you prefer (dark or light, with or without an address bar).

Click on Patch and apply.

Your desktop will lock for a few seconds and Windows will prompt you to wait while the new theme is applied. When you are back on your desktop, the new theme will be used on all windows. You can now close SecureUxTheme.

Install Windows 11 icons

Now extract 7TSP. You notice that the executable file does not have an EXE extension but an extension " ee Select the file, click the right mouse button, click rename and add an "x" between "ee" to change its extension to "exe" and make the file executable.

Run the app now and minimize it as you will need to use it later.

Now a bit more file renaming is needed. Visit the icon theme folder and enter the " 7TSP Themes for Windows 10 1903 and higher".

There are different variations of the icon theme. You can use any of them, but they are unusable due to their ".remove" extension.

As before, rename them first. But this time, instead of modifying their extension, remove ".remove" completely, including the period , and leave all of the above as the file name.

Go back to 7TSP and click Add a custom pack . Find and select the icon theme you want to install, then click Start the patch (bottom right of the window).

Finally, restart your computer to apply the changes.

Icons centered on the taskbar

Your system will now start to look like windows 11, but not completely.

We still need to move the icons to the center. For this you will need another tool called Taskbar X.

Download one of the "portable" versions of Taskbar X from its official website. The program does not come with an installer, so you need to unzip the downloaded file. Then, manually create a shortcut to the TaskbarX configurator On your desktop.

Run TaskbarX Configurator and click Apply to use its default values.

The icons on your taskbar will move towards its center. However, unlike Windows 11, the Start button and status bar will remain at the edges of the taskbar, which will still cover the full width of your screen.

Congratulation ! Now your Windows 10 looks a lot more like Windows 11 in terms of appearance and usability.