How can you really get the internet for free?

free internet
free internet

Last updated: January 27, 2023

The Internet is the best medium of all time. Connecting to the internet has become essential. And if we can enjoy it for free, there is no reason to do without it.

Do you want to take advantage of the many possibilities offered by the Internet without spending a single penny? Can't afford an Internet subscription and are looking for a simple solution to connect for free?

Bonne nouvelle! Having free internet is possible ! In this article, you will discover some tips for benefit from a free and unlimited internet connection .

Wifi hotspots

This solution is generally used when you are on the move. She allows to enjoy free internet connection in many public places. THE hotspots are defined by access to a Wi-Fi network generally outside. And if some are paid, there are also many free or requiring a quick registration.

They can be offered by where you are. Usually in stations, museums, libraries or even airports, but also in many private places. We think for example of restaurants (and more particularly fast food restaurants like McDonald's) but also of hotels.

Hotspots are also offered by major telephone operators. This is a simple solution for enjoy a free internet connection.

To find a hotSpot and enjoy the internet for free, search for Wi-Fi networks around you from your device and select those that usually start with "HOTSPOT". Most of the time a web page will open and all you need to do is enter your email address and your name.

Free networks


When you are at home, if you search the list of Wi-Fi connections in the area, it is not uncommon to see networks named " Free Wifi " or " Free SFR ". They are quite simply a part of the boxes which are in the idea “open”.

In fact, to connect to it it will be necessary to use an identifier and a password. While these networks are originally created for use by subscribers on the go, it is very easy to find access codes on the Internet by searching a little on your favorite search engine.

And if you do not find a code on the web, do not hesitate to ask your friends for a pair of identifier to be able to connect to the Internet for free. No fear for them, this will not really change their speed and the speed of their connection because the open part of the boxes is generally restricted. However, for surf internet free it's largely enough.

Global wifi opens to you

free WIFI

FON is a British company established in 2005. It is the world's first wifi network.
Its principle: share your wifi connection and in exchange, you can connect for free to Fon spots (wifi terminals) around the world!

Simply equip your modem with a Fonera router (between €40 and €80) which allows Fon users to connect to it. Holder of an SFR box, it is included in your subscription and therefore no equipment needs to be purchased.

To connect to Fon spots, you must first activate your Fonera or the Fon service of your Neufbox and create an account.

We recognize a FON point on these boxes by its title: SFR Wifi FON or Neuf Wifi FON.

With your login details, you can then connect to the internet with your computer or smartphone wherever you are!

Free internet for everyone with Othernet

An American project called othernet aims to send around a hundred mini-satellites into orbit in order to broadcast information free of charge throughout the planet. Each person has the right toaccess the internet for free.

To do this, the MDIF, led by the former editor-in-chief of Expansion, Bernard Poulet, will send a constellation of around 150 low-cost satellites into the sky, cubes of a little less than 1,5 kilo and 10 cm of edge which will retransmit information emitted from the ground.

The MDIF has set itself the objective of setting up a first version ofothernet in June 2015.

Wifi Map: the app to have free Internet everywhere in the world

Do you often travel abroad and need free Internet access? Wifi map might well help you.

Wifi Map is an application listing many Wifi access points around the world, with the passwords needed to access them. This app tells you the wifi hotspots near you and if a user has already used it, he can share the password with you to have free internet.


Available on iOS and Android, Wifi Map includes more than 2,1 million WiFi hotspots. Most of the networks listed are free hotspots operators, such as Free Mobile, Orange or SFR. However, WiFi Map Pro also lists the access points of many hotels, restaurants, shops, etc.

The free version allows you to see only the connection points that are less than 2 km from you which is already quite convenient. The paid version will be able to show you access points around the world and allow you to consult offline.

To install it, it's here:

WiFi Map for iOS
WiFi Map for Android