Insufficient disk space Windows ? Here is the solution!

how do i know what is taking up space on my pc 1
how do i know what is taking up space on my pc 1

The problem with growing hard drives is that you put so many files into them that it's hard to navigate.

Between the movies, the vacation photos or the gigabytes of MP3s that you collected from your cousin, you no longer know where these files are which are taking up space for nothing and causing you to display the message insufficient disk space.

Luckily with WinDirStat, you will be able to see graphically the places of your hard disk which are overloaded. WinDirStat allows you to view the use of your different folders occupying the most space on the media.

Different information can be collected on each folder and file such as percentage occupied, size, attribute, number of subfolders and files, or the exact date of the last modification.

The analysis of your hard disks may take a short time because WinDirStat descend each tree one by one, but this will let you know the cause of the message "insufficient disk space "

It is possible to see the tree structure of your storage unit to determine what you can erase: restore point, cache, virtual machine, media files, etc.