Know who is reading your text messages without your knowledge

how to know who is reading your sms without knowing it

Dernière mise à jour: 14 mai 2024

Update: Unfortunately, This app is no longer available on the Play Store.

You suspect that your husband, family member or work colleague reads your conversations Facebook or your private messages on your phone?

Do you want to remove doubt as to the identity of your supposed spy? I have what you need.

With PeeperPeeper you can create fake icon shortcuts to your SMS or Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and WeChat. Once installed on your mobile, the spyware conceals its presence. It creates fake shortcut icons to your SMS or Facebook.

PeeperPeeper interface

Put them on your home screen. When a person clicks on one of these icons, they receive an error message saying that the connection has crashed, but in reality, a picture of his face was taken discreetly with the device's front camera.
You can then review all the photos and apps people have tried to open in PeeperPeeper.