How do I turn off Messenger read receipt?

facebok unssen
facebok unssen

We have all, at one time or another, decided not to respond to a message on Facebook Messenger although we have seen and read it. Maybe it's because we're busy, or we just don't want to talk to that person.

But in recent weeks, Facebook activated on the messenger chat a new feature that lets you know if your friends have seen the messages you have sent. And it started to create real conflicts.

Fortunately, this morning I found the ultimate solution for this problem. And it is with pleasure that I share this quick and easy tip with you.

In fact the solution is to use an extension for Google Chrome which now allows you to turn off Messenger read receipt . It is called Unseen Message.

How to use Unseen Message?

Disable Seen Facebook

This app installs in just 3 seconds. To do this, go to Chrome web store  and download extension.

A new button in the shape of an Eye is added to the browser bar. Now all you have to do is toggle the extension on or off to prevent your friends from knowing that you have seen their message.

On the Firefox internet browser, you have the option of installing the same extension, which is rather called “FB unseen” on the browser add-on platform.

I tested Unseen Message on the chrome browser and it works perfectly. If you have any problems using it, feel free to share them in a comment!

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