How to choose the right charger for your laptop?

laptop charger
laptop charger

Last updated: July 16, 2022

Want to buy a charger to power and charge your laptop? But don't you know what should you take into account to choose a quality charger?

To choose a charger that certifies a better quality, you must make sure that its characteristics such as the voltage delivered, and the intensity correspond to your laptop. The charger connector must also be compatible with your computer.

Not all chargers work with the same output voltage. The output voltage of the charger must correspond to the voltage accepted as input by your PC.

To find the voltage and amperage, look on the label under your laptop or on the battery slot that shows the voltage and amperage. You can also find this information on your faulty charger.

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The voltage or voltage expressed in Volt V must be the same as that specified on the label. You must necessarily choose the same voltage as that indicated on the label of your computer.

A difference of + -1V will not cause any problem, but if the difference is too large, the computer will not work.

The current or amperage expressed in Ampere A must also be the same or greater than the value specified on the label. The intensity can be higher but not lower. It is a question of power required expressed in Watt W.
The power of the chargers depends on the power demanded by the laptop PC; the rule is quite simple: The larger the computer, the more power will be required. If when choosing your charger, for example a universal adapter, you cannot find the adequate power, take the higher power at the same voltage.