5 portable USB key software essential for Windows

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best programmed laptop

Last updated: April 6, 2024

Un portable software is an application that does not require any prior installation on your operating system Windows that you can easily carry thanks to your removable peripherals like USB flash drives.

To avoid overloading your memory space or to prevent the installation of unnecessary updates, a portable software represents an efficient, fast and convenient solution which does not involve any modification on the used computer.

Discover our selection of best free portable software usable on Windows via USB stick !

Surf the Internet

If you want to browse the internet from a temporary computer that does not have your preferred browser, you can always take out your USB stick containing the portable version from Chrome, Firefox, Opera or Tor.

However, the most complete portable browser remains that of Firefox which allows you to synchronize your data from one machine to another and thus find your favorites, your extensions, your pre-filled forms and even your personalized configurations.

It is true thatOpera is not very widespread, but it also allows you to find some of your data. However, Chrome, the browser most used by Internet users, still does not allow you to manage your change of machine.

If you are looking for anonymity and security, the browser Tor will be of great use to you especially if you use a Firefox account.

Follow these links to download the portable version of your favorite browser:

Communicate with your loved ones

To keep in touch with your friends or families anytime and anywhere, Skype offers a portable version that allows you to access your account, send messages and even make audio and video calls.

The language of the application depends on that of the computer used.

Download Skype Portable

Clean and maintain your computer

When it comes to a bug or a slowness that prevents you from working properly on your machine, having ADWCleaner or CCleaner at hand will surely be beneficial to you since the portable version is just as powerful as that of 'installation.

Indeed, ADWCleaner helps to clean your computer's registry, scan your content, detect suspicious and unwanted files and get rid of them permanently while providing full activity report.

Download ADWCleaner Portable

As for CCleaner, it allows you to delete cookies, your browsing history, temporary files and associated caches for a deep cleaning of your computer.

Download CCleaner Portable

Check your emails

It is possible to consult your e-mails via web browsers. However, to be able to receive notifications or manage several accounts simultaneously, Thunderbird is also available in a portable version with all the options of the installation version.

However, it is always important to be careful with double-authenticated addresses, you may experience connection difficulties.

Download Thunderbird

Use office suites

For replace Microsoft Office, you can opt for OpenOffice ou LibreOffice, two office suites available free of charge in both an installation version and a portable version to enable you to process word, use spreadsheets, create presentations or manipulate databases.