How to block a channel YouTube ?

chain blocker youtube
chain blocker youtube

Dernière mise à jour: 30 mai 2024

As you probably already know, YouTube automatically recommends videos to you based on your search history, and videos you've seen before.

In these offers, there are many useful and interesting videos to watch, but some content may not meet your interests.

So if you don't want to no longer watch certain videos YouTube, You can block their channels YouTube. This way, this unwanted content never appears in your feed.

In this article today, I will give you a detailed tutorial on How to block channels YouTube in 2021.

Block a channel on YouTube from your computer

If you no longer want to see certain videos in your feed, you can block the channel that she suggests them. To do this, follow these steps:

  • First, go to the website YouTube in a web browser from your computer Windows, Mac or Linux.
  • Then click on the search box at the top. Type the name of the channel you want to block and press Enter.
  • In the search results, click on the channel you want to block.
  • On the channel page, click the tab About us .
  • Then click on the flag-shaped button and click on Block a user.
  • Confirm the operation by Send.

Congratulations, your selected channel will now be blocked.

To unblock a channel, click on the same flag icon and select Unblock user in the menu. Then click on To validate.

Block a channel on YouTube on Android, iPhone or iPad

The process of blocking a user or channel from a phone is very simple.
Just follow the next steps:

  • To get started, launch the app YouTube on your device Android, iPhone or iPad.
  • Then search for the user you want to block using the in-app search application.
  • Tap the channel you want to block from the search results.
  • On the channel screen that opens, open the menu in the form of three points, located at the top right of the screen.
  • Select Block user in the menu that appears.
  • Confirm by clicking on Block in the message that appears

Your selected channel will now be blocked. To unblock a channel, press the same three-dot menu and select Unblock user. Then press unblock in the prompt that appears.

And this is how you prevent the content of a channel YouTube to appear in your feed and comment on your videos !