Gogobest: Promotions not to be missed under any circumstances!

Today mobility has become an extremely important subject and while in town especially cars are less and less present, more and more people are turning to more respectful means of transport.

Thus, electric bikes and scooters are clearly starting to make their mark in this area and maybe you yourself want to get started. Well, now is the best time of year to do it!

Indeed, at the moment, Gogobest is carrying out a completely crazy destocking on a whole bunch of products, whether electric bikes, electric scooters or even exercise bikes. We invite you here to take a tour of everything that is offered to you at literally broken prices.

The Bezior S500 Max

The first product that we are going to offer you is an electric scooter, the Bezior S500 Max which really has everything to please you. Imagine a scooter allowing you to go to a speed of up to 25 km/h and offering you a range of around forty kilometres.

It's a really decent alternative to the car if you're ever in town and you'll have several days of battery life on average before needing to charge the battery again, which is pretty good news.

As for the charging time, count 6 to 7 hours.

GOGOBEST Bezior S500 Max

From then on, you can let it charge overnight before taking it back, which won't really bother you. In addition to that, this Bezior S500 Max takes up very little space since it is foldable. Even at work, it will not be so bulky as that.

You want another good news is its price! Indeed, normally sold at 700€, the Bezior S500 Max is currently benefiting from a huge promotion bringing it to only 330€ !

The Bezior M1

You're more of a bike than a scooter, but you're still looking for a vehicle with traction, no worries! Indeed, still at Bezior, we can offer you the M1 which is an electric bike.

As for the estimated speed, it is similar to that of the S500 Max with 25 km/h displayed. On the other hand, the big strong point is the autonomy which is almost doubled with 80 km on average!


Plus, the battery is dust and water protected, which means that even if you want to use this bike for touring, it's possible, which is good news if you enjoy a few good rides.

Moreover, depending on the situation you can choose to activate or deactivate the assistance via the engine. As for the normal price of this bike, we are around 1300€, but thanks to the great promotion of the moment, you can have it for 800 €.

Yesoul S3

Are you not necessarily looking for a bike to get around, but to play sports instead? No worries, there is also what you need among the monstrous promotions of the moment on Gogobest with the Yesoul S3.

This indoor cycle will quickly become an essential for you. Indeed, it offers everything you are looking for in this type of quality indoor cycle. You can therefore use it like this by adjusting the magnetic resistance manually.

Yesoul S3 by GOGOBEST

But the Yésoul S3 also offers a tablet holder as well as a possible link in bluetooth. This therefore allows you to connect sports applications to your bike, applications which can therefore communicate with it and adjust the resistance.

With the rise of applications of this type, this is therefore very good news and a way to have sports sessions adapted to you without having to spend too much. Because yes, as we told you, this Yesoul S3 is also on sale.

Because yes, usually to be able to take advantage of this super indoor bike that is extremely quiet and efficient, you had to spend 700€. promotional time, it will only cost you 290€, a case not to be missed.

Find all the promotions

If these three products that we have just presented to you, we have highlighted them, they are obviously not the only ones that are on promotion right now on Gogobest and as we told you, there is something for everyone. tastes.

 We invite you to find the complete list of products currently on sale in the rest of this article. To help you, we have classified them in different categories.

Electric bikes

As we told you, electric bikes have clearly begun to establish themselves in recent years as a very good means of transport. There are all prices and are more or less advanced.

At Gogobest the choice is huge and at the moment, many electric bikes are on sale. Here is the full list:

The treadmills

With the Yesoul S3, we were talking about doing sports indoors using a bike. But for some, it's more the race that attracts them and for that too, there is a solution on sale at Gogobest.

Indeed, the King Smith Pad R2 treadmill is currently on promotion with a displayed price of 500€ instead of 900. So you no longer have any excuse not to start running at home!


In conclusion, Gogobest offers you promotions that you should not miss, but if we were to give you one that we think stands out, it's that of the Bezior S500 Max. Indeed, while electric scooters invade our daily lives today, it is rare to find one of this quality with a promotion that is especially as interesting that.

Realize for $330, you will have a machine capable of taking you for 50km with an average speed of 25 km/h without any worries. In short, it was clearly the promotion that caught our eye.