10 programs and applications Windows unnecessary that you need to uninstall

pc delete
pc delete

A computer has become an object that is, to say the least, vital in 2022. Indeed, everything is done today via the internet and this greatly clarifies things in a whole host of areas, it also brings its share of frustrations.

Indeed, we see new problems appearing and one of these is the famous slowdown in performance. So, these slowdowns, they will depend among other things on the capacities of your computer.

But sometimes you don't have a choice, you don't have thousands of dollars to spend and you just want a computer that works. Well, in this case, we will help you by making you gain some ground which frees up performance.

How to uninstall a program Windows ?

Indeed, uninstall applications on your computer could allow you to gain just enough performance to finally be able to have a machine that works properly without having to suffer constant slowdowns.

So, first, we will tell you how to go about uninstalling an application on Windows. To do this, you must click on the button Start at the bottom left of your screen.

Then go to the Settings.

Then click on "Applications". You will then have access to a whole list of applications that correspond to all those installed on your computer.

Then find the applications that no longer interest you and all you have to do is left click and select uninstall to make it disappear.

For example, do this with large applications that you no longer use.

In summary, the procedure is as follows:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Go to Apps & Features.
  • Left click.
  • Choose uninstall.

Programs to uninstall urgently

Uninstalling the biggest programs you no longer use wasn't enough? No worries, in the rest of this article, we will provide you with a application list that you will be able to uninstall without too much trouble.


The first of these apps to uninstall is Quicktime which is a kind of aberration on Windows. Indeed, from now on, this software focuses only on Apple computers.

So it's been six years since there have been any software updates and there won't be any more. From then on, you can uninstall this application with your eyes closed. Plus there are a whole bunch of other better ones that are less space intensive like VLC for example.

Basic installed antivirus

When you buy a computer of a specific brand, you necessarily have some software that will be implemented directly in your machine. Indeed, very often, brands have a partnership with software developers including antivirus.

These antivirus developers will therefore slip a small note for a partnership agreement with computer manufacturers. The deal is quite simple, against this money they undertake to implement a trial version of the antivirus software in the PC.

When you turn it on, you automatically have this software installed and the trial period begins. The problem is that these softwares, not only are they extremely expensive once the trial version is finished, but in addition, very often, they take up a lot of space for nothing.

Therefore, what we advise you is to turn this trial version and install the free version of the antivirus you want. In addition, it will avoid problems because in general when two software of this type coexist, it creates trouble.

Microsoft Silverlight

Silverlight was originally thought of as an alternative to Flash which was the software of the day at the time and which, it must be said, did not really have any competition on the market.

So Microsoft started developing its own software in response, and that's how Silverlight came about. In fact, it is not used for much, but as Microsoft developed it, it is installed as standard.

Coupon for Windows

Some time ago, Windows entered into a partnership with the company Coupon to install a program giving you the deals of the moment not to be missed. Although nice, these deals you can find them on the internet without having an application that takes up space for that.


Over the years, WinRAR became a meme on the internet because of its famous trial version which was actually infinite. But in fact, WinRar is rather archaic as it works, especially in terms of optimization.

Indeed, if you want software that does the same thing as WinRar and even more, all with a much more modern layout and that takes up less space on your PC, opt for 7Zip, for example.

Your computer's proprietary software

Just as you were told that computer manufacturers have agreements with software developers to install them on your computer, the brands themselves have a whole series of software.

They will therefore logically put them on your PC when you buy it and most of the time, these software, you do not care and will never use them. Better to delete them directly to save space.


For years, UTorrent was a revolution and allowed a lot of people to benefit more or less legally from hundreds of works. Except that today, UTorrent is outdated and above all very watched. Therefore, be sure that the game is still worth the candle.


When we talk about showing the Internet, how can we not mention Java, which was an extremely important piece of software a few years ago. Bad luck, this is no longer really the case today. So, unless you use software that needs it, you will be able to uninstall it.

optimization software

If you have a slow computer, you have surely tried it with optimization software who promise you mountain and wonder. In reality, it is much more complicated than that and the results are mixed.

Moreover, the free trial versions do not bring you anything at all most of the time. So the best way to gain performance is surely to simply uninstall them from your computer.

Candy Crush

Finally, a few years ago, Microsoft made an agreement with King to automatically install Candy Crush on your computer. This game casually takes up a lot of space and above all, it does not interest the majority of users. So feel free to delete it.