Find the activation keys for your Windows software

find windows software activation keys
find windows software activation keys

Have you lost your Windows software activation keys and don't know how to get them back? Want to format your PC or reinstall Office on a PC, but don't know how to get their hands on their activation keys? 

Not always easy when the machine has been delivered turnkey!
The solution is to use ProductKey, un software that analyzes the registry and finds the activation keys for Windows 10, Windows 7, Office and other programs.  

ProduKey is a small free portable utility, it will instantly retrieve the license keys of the main Microsoft products installed on your machine, and displays on the screen the registration keys (or serial numbers) of Microsoft programs present on your computer, and including the keys for Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8 and the Microsoft Office 2013/2016/2019 office suite. It will do the same for Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft SQL Server, etc.

To use it, just download the tool from the Nirsoft official website, unzip it on your PC, and run the executable file.

This small application saves you time and energy compared to finding or trying to remember where you put the codes and keys to your products.
All you have to do is save them in .txt format or copy them into a notebook.

You can also use it from the command line with the command  "Produkey.exe / remoteall" .