How to Recover Lost Snapchat Snapstreak?

snapchat snapstreak
snapchat snapstreak

To help you better master Snapchat, we suggest you find a guide here that will allow you to understand how to quickly and easily recover a lost Snapstreak !

What is a Snapstreak?

Let's start with the base of the base, to know what a Snapstreak is on Snapchat. In fact, social networks, generally, when you post a photo everyone sees it. But over time Snapchat has evolved and allows you to share snaps, locations and conversations with particular friends.

However, to differentiate your best friends, the Snapchat application sets up what is called a Snpastreak. It's a system that allows you to reward yourself as you regularly trade Snaps with your friends..

The basis for increasing this Snpastreak is that you must send at least one Snap per day every day. After three days, that's it, you've just launched the snapstreak, but beware, you now have a day counter appearing.

As long as you keep trading snaps with your friends, this counter will keep going up. Be careful though, we talk about snap! Indeed, messages do not count in the snapstreak, be careful not to be fooled!

Why maintain a Snapstreak?

It may seem trivial, but some people will try at all costs to maintain their Snapstreak and the reason is quite simple, you will be able to have your fill of success through the Snapchat application.

Indeed, as do a lot of video games, Snapchat will give you successes that will be visible from your profile. These successes, they happen when you take specific actions.

However, many of these trophies are directly related to raising a Snapstreak ever higher and if you want to get them, you will necessarily have to go through this system.

The meaning of the emojis next to the nickname

Also, in addition to trophies, you're also going to get theopportunity to unlock emojis that will be next to the name of the person you are having sex with snapstreak. there are multiple emojis with multiple meanings.

The first emoji is a flame emoji 🔥 which means you have entered the spastreak after exchanging snaps with the person concerned for at least three consecutive days.

You will then have a smiling emoji 😊 after a certain number of snaps that you will have sent to yourself. If you are both the person the other has sent the most snaps to, you will even get theyellow heart emoji 💛 which means beasties.

hourglass emoji  ⌛ Warn you that you only have a few hours left to snap yourself or lose your Snapstreak, so hurry before your efforts are wasted.

How to recover a lost Snapstreak?

Lost your Snapstreak? You would only have one way to get it back, contact Snapchat support who can give you your Snapstreak .

To the question "have you seen the ⌛️ icon", it is recommended to answer "no".

So pretend connection problems for example, but beware, this excuse may only work once!

You will usually get a response very quickly, but it can take up to three days for a response. Good luck !