Find RAR file password easily

rar file password
rar file password

Forgot the password to a RAR file? In this tutorial, we will help you recover RAR archive password easily.

Before you start, be aware that the password can be found in the comments of your RAR file, especially if it is downloaded from the internet.

To verify this, open your archive by double-clicking the left mouse button and read the comments. If you find a link, open it and search in the page, you need to find the password.

Use a frequently used password

Another commonly used method, which you should try before trying anything else, might be to think and guess about your password.

It just depends on how you usually protect your files and what kind of passwords you use. But it is not uncommon to have used the same password on several tools. That might be the case here too, so it's worth a try.

Maybe you often use your date of birth or the initials of your name or hometown. There is a very good chance that by trying several times, you will end up guessing the correct one.

Unlock protected RAR file with RAR Password

To successfully find the password of a RAR file with RAR Password software, three factors must be taken into account.

  • The computing power of your computer.
  • The complexity of the password.
  • The words that contains the dictionary of the software used.

So if the password you are looking for is more than 7 or 8 characters in total and contains special characters and numbers ... it may not be possible to break it with your personal computer.

What you should remember is that the software we are going to use here can be ineffective if the password mixes uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation marks and special characters.

How does RAR Password work?

RAR Password uses the brute-force method, it tests all types of characters: upper case, lower case, numbers, special characters ...

To use it, just download the tool and add a RAR or RAR-SFX file you want to decrypt in the software interface.

Then, you have to choose the type of decoding either "dictionary attack"Or"brute force attack". It is better to use the brute force attack.

Finally, add the minimum and maximum length of the defined password. Save the project and click Finish.