Find out who is signing in to your Windows computer

know how to use computer without knowledge
know how to use computer without knowledge

Last updated: October 9, 2023

If you have a roommate or curious sibling, this tip will help you find out if they have used your computer when you are away.

While you can always set a password to protect your computer, you might be in a position where you think someone has used your PC before without your permission. Checking Windows Event Viewer is a great way to do this.

However in this article we will be using a portable application (no installation required) called WinLogOnView who gives them login information on your computer.

It is software that will allow you to monitor a work computer or that of your children incognito. For that, WinLogOnView collects information from the event viewer.

WinLogOnView interface
WinLogOnView interface

Although you might be able to find the same data again by looking at the Windows Event Log, this utility is more convenient because it allows you to see only the relevant data in a single table, which saves a lot of time.

WinLogOnView displays the dates and times of connection to your computer. You will therefore be able to find out who is connecting to it without your consent: admin, user knowing your password, etc.

Every time someone logs in or logs out, the application provides the following information:

  • Login ID,
  • username,
  • connection time,
  • disconnection time,
  • duration and network address.

Even if you have never used this software, you will still have access to the data since WinLogOnView will look for its information in the Windows event log.

WinLogOnView you also allows to export easily them connection information in a file html or xml.

Here you will be able to know who is prowling on your machine in your absence.

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