Block the processes you want with Process Blocker

block process 1
block process 1

Dernière mise à jour: 18 mai 2024

It's not easy to gain respect when you are responsible for the PC at home. Whether you are a parent or a big brother in charge of the PC, you have to fight to keep a healthy computing environment: teaching X not to click on anything, explaining to Y not to touch the firewall, etc.

But what endangers a PC the most are the people who install anything.

Results ? When you start your PC, many processes and applications launch automatically along with your system. which results in slower startup of your PC.

Either it's about preserve the performance of your PC, to avoid viruses orprohibit violent play by children, it is now possible to block an executable with Process Blocker.


This is a small software Windows which you will place in a discreet location on your hard drive. It is then up to you to note the processes to be prohibited.

If your children spend too much time on a game, it's up to you to ban the game process. Likewise, forbid uTorrent.exe to a roommate who absolutely wants to download from the P2P network... If the process is renamed, no problem since Process Blocker can also detect an executable using its CRC fingerprint.

Most of the time you will get an error message, but sometimes nothing happens (which might sound like a bug with those you want to "trap").