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proxy types

Dernière mise à jour: 12 mai 2024

A study conducted by the security researcher Christian Haschek on 443 free proxies revealed that the majority of them on the web are not secure.

To conduct this study, Christian used various methods to test the security and correct functioning of the proxies. Usually, to find a proxy, you just need to search free proxy on Google. Although it seems simple, Christian's research shows that most of these proxies are insecure.

They modify the JavaScript and HTML of visited sites, and many do not accept secure HTTPS connections.

To check the security of a proxy server, the researcher used his own script, Proxy Checker. This script analyzes the following aspects:

  • If the proxy is online
  • Whether HTTPS secure connections are allowed
  • If your IP address remains anonymous
  • If the proxy modifies the JavaScript of the visited sites
  • If the proxy modifies the HTML of the visited sites

You can also use this script to assess proxy server security that you plan to use.

To do this, go to the website of ProxyChecker, enter the proxy address and port used, then click 'Analyze'.