The 5 best proxies for surfing anonymously

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Last updated: December 31, 2022

Unlike the VPN, a waiter proxy change your IP address without resorting to traffic encryption. You no longer appear with your own IP address. And this allows you to surf the web somewhat anonymously.

But the real use of a proxy is toaccess otherwise inaccessible websites. You will be able to visit a site reserved for certain IP addresses or blocked by your country or your company.

If all you need is to hide your online identity or bypass a website's geo-blocking, several free proxy are at your disposal. Find here my Top 5 proxies, rated and tested by me.


Don't let your boss or government block your favorite sites. When you connect to a website using a web proxy, you are not actually connected to the website you are viewing. will connect to the site and send it back to you. It doesn't matter if the destination site is secure or not.

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Stealthy is an extension for Chrome and Firefox developed by the company of the same name that will allow you to connect to the Internet through a proxy. This extension gives you a way to access content that is blocked for you.

Streaming sites that exclude Internet users based on their geographic position will no longer be able to do so since for them, you will be an American resident.

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Anonymox is a practical extension that allows you to establish connections for your sites through proxies located in different countries (USA, England, Germany… etc). Its objective: to bypass censorship and access content that is normally inaccessible.

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ChrisPC Free Anonymous Proxy

ChrisPC Free Anonymous Proxy offers free software that allows users to surf the Internet anonymously. This allows you to connect to a proxy in the country of your choice to make the entire network believe that you are surfing from that country.

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Proxy switcher

Proxy Switchy! is a free extension that allows you to easily manage a proxy. This extension allows you to search for available proxies directly from the interface and test their speed.

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