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internet proxy 1
internet proxy 1

Last updated: December 31, 2022

With the VPN and software that bypass geolocations, we would almost forget the proxy. These "proxy servers" act as an intermediary between you and the Internet to change your IP on the network.

If you want find free proxies quickly and easily, here is Burd's Proxy Searcher, a software for Windows that allows you to find free proxy servers, and thus allows you to hide your country of origin.

Burd's Proxy Searcher lists proxies by country, by speed, and you can filter the results based on criteria that matter to you.

Compared to an Internet search engine, this program allows you to test response times and directly apply configuration changes in your browser. No need to enter the details "by hand" in Firefox or Chrome.

How to find a free proxy with Proxy Searcher?

To find free proxies, first start at download Burd's Proxy Searcher software. Then start the program.

Now click on Search to start the proxy search.

The program begins to search for functional proxy servers. Wait a few moments! Finally, an HTTP proxy list is displayed on your screen.

To select a proxy, all you have to do is click on the icon of your usual browser (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer), once the button is activated, the browser is automatically configured with the proxy you have selected.

And There you go ! Your proxy is now ready for use.

Advanced users can change the settings according to their preferences add custom searches to find a proxy type specific, but if you just want tfind free HTTP proxies, it is not necessary to change the settings.

Finally, note that these proxies are public, and not necessarily anonymous and encrypted. So avoid passing sensitive information through. On the other hand to hide your country of origin, it's all good.