7 reasons to hide your IP address

hide ip address
hide ip address

Last updated: November 14, 2022

IP address (Internet Protocol) designates a unique identifier assigned to a computer, a smartphone or any device connected to the global communications network. This sequence of characters is involved in identification on the Web.

The IP address is essential when browsing the Internet. You have to be careful, however, because your machine has a public IP address on the Internet, visible to everyone. It is recommended to hide it.

Here I explain to you why it is better to keep your IP address anonymous.

1- Prevent being tracked for advertising purposes

It should be noted that hiding your IP address will not completely prevent marketers from tracking you. They have several methods at their disposal to determine your preferences and tastes as a consumer. This data is collected as part of the user experience (UX).

However, not being able to associate your IP address makes it more difficult to establish a profile, and effectively reduces spam and other advertising mail. Not using a “fake” IP address through a VPN, for example, will easily allow them to correlate the data collected to your geographic coordinates.

2- Unlock the content of certain sites

Many web services apply geo-blocking by disallowing ranges of IP addresses. The goal is to manage their resources and bandwidth. Using a VPN allows you to bypass geo-blocking.

This can be useful if you are traveling abroad but still want to access geo-blocked content, such as streaming movies.

3- 100% private navigation

The incognito mode that internet browsers offer helps you surf the web without worrying about basic tracking. It theoretically leaves no trace but it is not infallible. The proof is this article: find the incognito history of your private browsing on Chrome.

In addition, with the incognito mode your IP address is not masked. In other words, your browsing activity is not really private and your IP address is still used for browsing activities. Thereby, with the masked IP address, you benefit from increased privacy.

4— Bypass network firewalls

If you browse the web at your workplace, library, or school, there may be network restrictions based on local IP addresses.

But, you can end up bypass the firewall using a fake IP address. It should be borne in mind, however, that corporate firewalls are often more complex and are governed by an overall security policy. It might not be that easy to bypass every firewall.

5— Prevent search engine tracking

Unless you stick to some alternatives to search engines private, Google, Bing and many others Usually collect your IP address for research and activity data. Cookies also reference the complete contact details of the machine.

They may also serve personalized advertisements based on your IP address.
So, if you want a private search experience, hiding your IP address is a good solution.

6— Prevent geographic location on the Net

The IP address reveals your approximate geographical positioneven if you restrict your location information or turn off your smartphone's GPS. The location might not be completely exact, but it is pretty accurate nonetheless.

So if you want to keep your location private, use a fake IP address.

7- Promote the right to privacy

There is nothing illegal about trying to hide your IP address. Regaining control of your private life is necessary. Disclosure of confidential or vital information is discouraged.

Thus, hiding an IP address could be a good starting point to limit the data shared by Internet users. Unless you want to benefit from a specific service or offer, it is best to hide your IP address.