Seeker: locate a person with great precision

locate person
locate person

Dernière mise à jour: 15 mai 2024

You want to locate a loved one to make sure it's safe? You wish locate your child without him knowing ?

With so much technology today, it's easier than ever to locate a person that matters to you. Spying on your friends, girlfriend/boyfriend is unfortunately becoming easier and easier.

In this tutorial, we will see step by step a script allowing to locate a person easily. The goal is to show you how a simple malicious web page can collect sensitive information about you and your devices.

How to locate a person?

With the help of seeker, which is an open source Python script, you can easily find a person's location.

seeker uses HTML5, Javascript, JQuery and PHP to retrieve information from a device and the very precise location of an Internet user.

It's a script that you host on your server or your machine and which allows you to retrieve a location.

This tool automatically generate a fake website to a person, making him believe that he is on a service allowing to find new friends close to him.

Then the service in question asks the target to allow location sharing.

If the target clicks allow, it is possible to obtain:

  • Longitude
  • Latitude
  • Precision
  • Altitude (not always available)
  • Direction (only if the person is moving)
  • Speed ​​(only if the person is moving)

In addition to location information, we may also obtain device information without any authorization:

  • Operating system
  • Platform
  • Number of CPU cores
  • Amount of RAM (approximate)
  • Screen resolution
  • GPU Info
  • Browser name and version
  • Public IP address

Note that this tool is for educational use only. illegal use must be avoided.

Typically, if a user accepts location permission, the accuracy of the information received is accurate, to around 30 meters.

Here's how it works in video: