How to find the IP address associated with your phone Android or your iPhone?

find ip address android iphone
find ip address android iphone

Dernière mise à jour: 17 mai 2024

You don't know how check the IP address connected to your mobile ? Not sure where to find IP address information when it comes to your mobile phone? Don't worry, we'll explain how to find the IP address, whether public or private, from your smartphone iPhone ou Android.

You will be able to learn here, how display an IP address whether it's public or private from your mobile device, but also understand what they mean and the best way to keep them private.

1) What is an IP address?

The first thing to clarify is to begin by understanding in what exactly is an IP address.

The IP address is simply your identity card on the web which takes the form of a series of numbers assigned automatically to each device connecting to a network.

If you ever want to know if a mobile phone can also hold an IP address? We tell you, yes. As you are connected to the Internet, you are associated with an IP address and this from any type of device.

By checking the IP address associated with a phone or device you will be able to identify it, on the Internet, in general, but also on your home network which is called “ domesticated ". Because there are indeed two different IP addresses: one public and one private, connected to each connected device, this also applies to your smartphone.

  • The public IP address (also called "global") is nothing other than a process by which the rest of the web will see the identity of any device connected to your home network. Because your network is specific, the overall IP address will then be the same whether you connect from a phone, a desktop computer, or any other web-connected device in your home.
  • The private IP address (also called "local") identifies each device connected to your home network. Each device can only have one IP address per determined network. However, this address will also be visible on each additional private network to which the device connects.

2) How to identify the private IP address of a smartphone?

To have the IP address of your phone, this requires first of all, to check two values. You should first see how to find the private IP address of your mobile on a so-called “home” network.

2.1) How to identify a phone's private IP address Android ?

In order to identify the local IP address of your smartphone Android, you must follow a few steps, which we present to you below – this also applies to any connected device under version Android 11.

Please note, that the exact location and section titles may change slightly from device to device:

  • Open your phone's Settings Android.
  • Select the section Network & Internet > Wi-Fi.
  • Connect to your wireless internet network, if it is not done yet. Select his name then remember to confirm your connection.
  • Then select the desired network name and click on the section called “Advanced”.
  • The IP address will then be listed under the Network Details section; as well as other additional information.

2.2) How to identify the private IP address of an iPhone?

In order to find the local IP address from an Apple device, proceed as follows:

  • Access the Settings> Wi-Fi.
  • Connect to your network now, if you haven't already: by selecting the name of the home network.
  • Click on your network name to open all options and allow more information to be displayed.
  • Next, the section named " IP adress » will be listed under the IPv4 Address heading.

3) Find the public IP address of an iPhone or mobile Android

You know now where to find the private IP address of a device on your network, what about when it comes to checking the so-called “global” IP address of a device.

It is very easy to find a public IP address since all devices connected to the Internet can see it. It is therefore possible to go to different websites which will instantly display the public IP address directly on the screen. This IP address remains the same, regardless of the operator you choose.

You should open Google Chrome on your smartphone Android, Safari on your Apple device, or any other web browser you want to use.

Then, all you have to do is go to a website specializing in checking IP addresses, There are several.

We recommend three of them, below:

Be aware that some of these platforms may reveal geolocation and or the name of your Internet access company and many other similar information. Because an IP address carries all this data with it.
However, it is impossible to know the exact name and address of an individual from their IP address alone, but you can determine their location on a city scale.

There are identical sites through which you can use any IP address to know the location to which it is connected. This is what the website offers:

4) How can you hide the IP address of a phone?

Once you have identified your IP address, you then know that it indicates your location. You must be concerned about the consequences this implies on confidentiality.

Worry no more, use a VPN (virtual private network) or use a proxy ; this is simply the best ways to jam your public IP address.

Indeed, by connecting via a VPN provider, all of your traffic will pass through its servers. This will make your traffic appear to come from another place, or even another country if you want. This method will hide your IP address, it will also be much more complicated to link your IP to your location.

Now you have all the information to find your phone's IP address; you just have to follow the steps listed above.

Good luck!