The 9 Best Ways to Protect Your Data Under Windows

protect data windows
protect data windows

Last updated: July 3, 2022

If you have a computer running Windows, you must absolutely save and secure your personal information. It is crucial to protect your computer in order to guard against possible problems related to piracy. This will also allow you to guarantee protection against malware, which harm your computer.

Firstly, we will give you the necessary tips for your Windows, if this does not work, we will advise you to install a VPN Windows by Cyberghost. Indeed, it is possible to protect yourself with simple and effective methods.

Read this article and learn all about ways to protect your data Windows.

How to secure your data under Windows ?

Establish a strong password

This is a security measure that should not be overlooked if you want to protect your privacy. Choose an insignificant password, which contains upper and lower case letters and numbers, for optimal security. It is advisable to have one with 10 characters or more.

Show your passwords in browsers

Like many people, you use many services, which ask for your email addresses, as well as your passwords. However, these are recorded by web browsers. Lucky for you that it is possible to find them and copy them, then delete them.

Consider the security features of your web browser

Most browsers have the ability to record your passwords, sites visited, and even your location. It is more comfortable for you to have secure browsing, in complete anonymity. Indeed, when using browsers, be aware of all their security-related features, such as blocking cookies, popus, scripts and block websites.

The features are still very numerous but many people ignore them.

Restart your computer after an update

When your Windows is activated on automatic updating, this directly leads to a protection fault for the duration of two days. In other words, the protection system is disabled until you restart your computer yourself.

Access the internet through a VPN service

If you've tried all the above tips and it didn't work, or you just want to maximize the security of your personal data, Protect yourself with a VPN Windows.

It is known that most public access points do not guarantee secure browsing. Indeed, your data, the sites visited, your emails can be read. Malicious people can easily access it using specific software.
The purpose of a VPN is to create a sort of barrier between your data and the public network, by encrypting all your data. Take a look at the best VPN Windows by Cyberghost, without further ado and design all your anonymity.

Use an alternative to google

It is known that google collects your personal data, such as your sites visited, your IP addresses. For'avoid being tracked on google of alternatives exist. You have for example, DuckDuckGo or Framabee, which do not store your personal information.

Use alternatives to messaging apps

Your messages via applications like Facebook can be read by third parties and by the company that manages the application. The alternatives are very numerous, they use an encryption method so that no one except you and the recipient can read the messages. You have the example of: Wire, Signal, iMessage, and many more.

Protect your data via Windows respondent

It is considered to be an essential tool for protecting your data under Windows. Go to your settings and adapt it to your expectations.

Remember to configure notifications

Often you forget to configure your notifications, something that lacks discretion and confidentiality. They can easily be seen when they appear on your lock screen.

Especially if you leave your computer on for a few moments and walk away. We recommend disabling notifications for the apps in question.

By adopting the best practices, you will have all your data backed up. The danger of leaks from your personal life is everywhere. However, do not be fooled and prepare yourself in advance.

Follow our tips and solutions, to keep your privacy safe. The alternatives are numerous, it is enough simply to know them. Indeed, VPNs offer a quality service, in terms of protecting your data.