Boost your WiFi connection with a homemade antenna

how to make wifi antenna and improve signal strength
how to make wifi antenna and improve signal strength

There are several ways to make a WiFi antenna. In this article, we are going to explain how to build a ricore WiFi antenna using a can and a few other common materials. We will also see how to adjust the orientation and position of the antenna to maximize signal strength.

In fact, if you have wifi problems and you no longer pick up anything 10 meters from your box, this DIY technique could solve your problem.

How to make a ricoré Wifi antenna?

This method is simple and inexpensive. By using an aluminum can, you can make an antenna that focuses radio waves in a specific direction, thereby increasing the range of your WiFi network.

Indeed, this technique is particularly useful for extending the coverage of your network in areas where the signal is weak.

Here are the steps to make a WiFi antenna using a Ricoré bobbin:

  • First, start by opening the can by removing the top lid with a can opener or knife.
  • Next, remove all the internal parts of the can, including the metal cap and the plastic film that covers the bottom of the can.
  • Use a craft knife or saw to cut the bobbin in half about 1/3 the way up.
  • Using a screwdriver, remove the plastic cap located on the bottom of the bobbin. This is where the RP-SMA connector is located.
  • Next, insert a coaxial cable into the RP-SMA connector and secure it in place with electrical tape or hot glue.
  • At this point, use tape or hot glue to attach the other end of the coaxial cable to the top of the bobbin.
  • Reassemble the two parts of the can by gluing them together.
  • Use marker or paint to customize the can of your choice.
  • Insert the manufactured antenna into the antenna port of your WiFi router.
  • Finally, adjust the orientation of the antenna to maximize signal strength.

Here is the video (not brand new I grant you, but still relevant) that will explain how to make an antenna cheap wifi.

Another interesting video:

How to choose a WiFi antenna?

WiFi antennas are key elements to improve the range and the Wi-Fi signal quality. There are different types of antennas that have unique characteristics and functions.

The three main types of WiFi antennas are:

  • Omnidirectional antenna : These antennas transmit and receive the signal in all directions, making them an ideal choice for home applications or small workspaces. These antennas are usually built into WiFi routers and are easy to install.
  • Directional antenna : Unlike omnidirectional antennas, these antennas concentrate the signal in a specific direction. They are often used to improve the range of the WiFi connection in remote areas or to establish point-to-point links over long distances.
  • High Gain Antenna : these antennas increase the strength of the transmitted signal, which improves the range of the WiFi connection. These antennas are often used for professional applications or high coverage areas.

In summary, the choice of WiFi antenna will depend on your specific coverage, range, and distance needs.