How to share your Internet connection?

free wi-fi internet
free wi-fi internet

Are you at school where only one 3G connection is available and you want to share this internet connection with friends? Want to easily share your Ethernet access with your coworkers in the office?

Connectify is for you. It's a small piece of software Windows free and it makes it very easy to transform your computer into a wifi access point. In this tutorial, we will see step by step how to use Connectify to share an ADSL or 3G network. I tried it with a 3G connection and an ethernet cable connection and it works great!

How does Connectify work?

Connectify will allow you to turn your computer under Windows 7 into a real Wi-Fi access point. Once in place, it becomes possible to share your Internet connection. All operating systems can connect to the hotspot created by Connectify. It works with mandatory WPA2-PSK encryption.

Connectify also has network monitoring with management of the number of connected people and retention of connection history.
Note that Connectify will also allow you to share your connection WiFi with other people, even if you are already using that wireless connection to access the Internet.

How do I share my Internet connection with Connectify?

  • Download and install Connectify on the Official website
  • After a quick installation, the application will be located among the notification icons in the taskbar.
  • Click on the button composed of three white arcs of circles next to the clock to open Connectify!
  • Enter the network name in Wifi Name and provide a password then select the Wireless network connection item from the Internet drop-down menu.
  • All you have to do is click on Start Hotspot to start the process.

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