How to discuss discreetly?

send secure message
send secure message

You don't want your private communications to be read by your government, hackers or even your Internet service provider? Use a secure messaging app.

With Wickr me, You can discuss discreetly unattended.

What is Wickr Me?

If you are a fan of the Mr Robot series, you probably know Wickr me. Indeed, this secure messaging application is the one used by Elliot, the hero of the series.

Wickr has a reputation as the best messaging app for quiet chatting. It establishes the end-to-end encryption, both on sent messages and files but also on audio or video calls.

The app itself can never access your messages.

It is available for free on all platforms (Windows, Linux, Mac, Android and iOS) in two versions: Wickr Me and the basic version of WickPro. In either case, you are limited to 30 contacts. Wickr Me cannot therefore become your default messaging system, but it is useful for talking to a few people about sensitive files.

To register on Wickr Me you only need a username and password, email address and phone number are optional while on WickrPro you must provide your email address.

How does Wickr work?

When you send a message on Wickr Me you have to choose its lifetime. It will then be destroyed.

It is the sender who selects who can see their message and for how long. All messages are encrypted locally and then sent to the Wickr server.

You can also choose to delete a message manually. In addition, if the other party takes a screenshot on their phone of your conversation, you will be immediately notified.

Even if safety and ergonomics do not usually go hand in hand, here it is. The application is simple and pleasant to use and it has as many features as conventional messaging.

Pros and Cons of Wickr Me

+ The advantages

  • They secure your ID and username with multiple layers of SHA256 encryption.
  • They encrypt data using AES256 at all times (while it is being sent and when it is delivered successfully).
  • Wickr never accesses your device ID, which preserves your anonymity.
  • The data is permanently erased without a trace when the message or file expires.
  • Wickr does not save or share any of your passwords.

- The inconvenients

How do I use Wickr me?

Install Wickr Me

First, search for the app Wickr on Google Play ou on the App Store depending on your device.

Once Wickr Me is installed, register by selecting Create Account and Agree and Continue.

Choose a username and password, you don't need your phone or your email address. Click on Sign In.

The app will remind you that Wickr doesn't store your password, so make sure you remember it or write it down.

Invite friends

You can invite your friends to Wickr Me who are not already in Wickr by going to Psettings> Contacts> Press + Invite contacts.
This will allow you to invite your friends by sending an SMS or an email from your device. The SMS / email will direct them to the app stores to download the app.

Send a message

Once you have established contacts and want to start a conversation then click on Direct Message, type the nickname of your contact and click on it when it appears.
a conversation window opens.

Write your message and press Starter to send. When you receive a message, click Unlock to read it.

Choose the time before deletion

Click on the name of your contact then on Timer expiration. You can choose a duration between one minute and six days.

The countdown starts when the person you are talking to has unblocked your message.

Send a file

Files of any format, up to 10MB, can now be shared through Wickr Me.

To the right of the conversation text bar, click on the plus then on Choose File. Find all the documents sent (before their deletion) by clicking on the magnifying glass at the top right. You can also send a voice message by clicking directly on the microphone to the right of the text bar.


Wickr stands for security and peace of mind. If you want to avoid prying eyes and have need to chat discreetly, this is the app for you.