How to send friend requests on Facebook despite being blocked

Last updated: September 9, 2023

Facebook, as a social media pillar, strives to maintain a safe and authentic user experience for its members.

But what if you find yourself temporarily unable toadd friends on facebook due to blockage?

We're here to help you with a tip that might just work.

Why is Facebook blocking friend requests?

Before diving into the solution, it is essential to understand why Facebook implements such blocks.

Spam Protection

Facebook aims to protect its users against suspicious activities. Sending multiple friend requests, especially to people you don't know, can be interpreted as cheating. spam.

Preserve the authenticity of relationships

The main purpose of Facebook is to connect people who already know each other in real life. By blocking those who frequently add strangers, the platform maintains a certain level of authenticity.

The trick to bypassing blocking on Facebook

While we always encourage users to follow Facebook's guidelines, if you find yourself in a particularly urgent situation, here's a tip you can try.

  • Look for common interest groups: If the person you want to add shares an interest or passion with you, chances are you can find them in a group related to that interest.
  • Actively participate in discussions: Once you are in the group, participate in the discussions. This will increase your visibility and the likelihood of other members noticing you.
  • Send a private message: After establishing a certain level of familiarity, send the person a private message.
    Politely explain your situation and express your desire to connect as friends.

Prevent further blockages in the future

Prevention is always better than cure. To avoid further blockages:

  • Limit your requests: Only send friend requests to people you know personally.
  • Avoid massive additions: Do not add a large number of friends in a short time.
  • Familiarize yourself with Facebook policies: A good understanding of the rules will help you avoid future problems.

Is it possible to add someone who blocked you on Facebook?

One of the frequently asked questions from users is whether it is possible to add someone who has previously blocked them on Facebook.

The answer is simple: no

When Facebook, now known as Meta, created the blocking option, it was to allow users to control their experience and avoid concerns like harassment.

However, if someone blocks you, you will no longer see their actions or be able to communicate with them.

This is how Meta ensures the privacy and security of its members.