How do I delete my Twitter account?

delete twitter
delete twitter

You have created a Twitter account but for a specific reason, you want to deactivate or completely close your account ? How to delete your Twitter account ?

As on any social network, Twitter offers the user the possibility of deleting their account. But you can't immediately delete a Twitter account.

The procedure first involves deactivation of 30 days before becoming final, a period imposed by the social network, during this period Twitter will keep your personal data linked to your account following your request for deletion. After this period, the account is then permanently deleted.

How to delete my Twitter account?

The closing of a twitter account is simple and takes no more than 5 minutes. This procedure must be performed from the web version of Twitter and not from a smartphone application.

For delete your twitter account, I invite you to follow these steps:

  • From your web browser, log into your Twitter account, click on your profile at the top right then on "Settings".

  • In the main Account window, scroll down the page and click "Deactivate my account".

  • And voila, your Twitter account will be permanently deleted.

WARNING: Your Twitter account will be permanently deleted but your personal data will be kept for 30 days, please do not connect to your Twitter account during this period, for your request to be validated.