Deep Dot Web, a dark Web directory seized by the FBI


DeepDotWeb was a great directory of onion sites. It brought together hundreds of the commercial sites of the dark web - whose addresses changed regularly, and often illegal activities.

The website was seized on May 7, 2019 during an investigation into the homeowner funding model, in which they received money by providing links to certain markets in the darknet, who paid him in return.

Deep Dot Web Interface

The FBI, in collaboration with the authorities of several countries, arrested several people responsible for the management of Deep Dot Web, It also seized domains affiliated with the site. and its domain .onion were redirected to a notice of seizure. It displayed a very explicit message, signed by the FBI. "This site has been seized", could be read in capital red letters, with the logos of the American federal agency, but also of other organizations.

The notice was presented by the FBI and featured logos of EUROPOL and numerous law enforcement agencies, including the British National Crime Agency and the Federal Criminal Police Office.

Israeli police claimed that the owners of DeepDotWeb were receiving bitcoin in exchange for links to black market sites. She also announced that several people had been arrested in an international operation, suspected of being involved in the management of this site, reports the Israeli newspaper. The Times of Israel.

Two people were reportedly arrested in Israel, but other arrests were also reportedly made in France, Germany, the Netherlands and Brazil.

The Israel Police Twitter account also reported that the administrators of DeepDotWeb reportedly generated commissions as part of an "affiliate marketing" campaign. Details regarding this affiliate campaign are not known, but administrators may earn a commission for each sale their site refers to criminal markets.