The 10 Most Visited .onion Sites in the Darknet

darknet links
darknet links

Last updated: January 27, 2023

Darknet is a secluded place on the web, where internet users meet anonymously and engage in mostly shady activities. Today, this network is used by thousands of people around the world, and it contains various illegal websites.

Below is a list of the 10 .onion links for discover the Darknet and access samples of the products and services available in the darkest corners of the Internet.

All of these .onion links are only accessible through the Tor browser and the Tor network. Pay attention ! In the Darknet, it's not all good, but it's not all bad either.

Note that the links provided here are for informational purposes ONLY, eg for journalists, universities and researchers.

If you decide to explore this space online, be aware that you may encounter some very shocking and illegal content.

1) Ahmia

Ahmia is a search engine that can be used on the darknet. Its goal is to provide users of the Tor network with a powerful and robust search tool to discover different interesting sites.

Visit Ahmia: juhanurmihxlp77nkq76byazcldy2hlmovfu2epvl5ankdibsot4csyd.onion

2) ProPublica

ProPublica is a non-profit news organization that aims to "expose abuses of power and betrayals of public trust by government, corporations and other institutions, using the moral force of investigative journalism" .

Indeed, ProPublica is not afraid to look into controversial topics, such as child labor and the corruption of politicians. He publishes articles in English and Spanish.

Visit ProPublica: https://propub3r6espa33w.onion 

3) Hidden Answers

This is the darknet version of Quora or Reddit. So you can ask whatever you want without being censored.

It may seem abandoned at first, but members of the community will answer your questions. However, this part of the Internet is not filtered, so you might encounter unpleasant conversations.

If you're new to the darknet, here's a great place to learn more about it.

Visit Hidden Answers : http://answerszuvs3gg2l64e6hmnryudl5zgrmwm3vh65hzszdghblddvfiqd.onion/

4) Mail2Tor

Let's face it, email is not a secure means of communication! The contents of your inbox are accessible to email providers. Take, for example, Gmail analyzes your emails to show you more relevant search results and ads.

Mail2Tor is a good alternative as it allows users to send/receive messages anonymously via webmail or an email client. In addition, all e-mails are encrypted and the provider does not store your IP address either.

Visit Mail2Tor: http://mail2tor2zyjdctd.onion

5) Secure Drop

SecureDrop offers whistleblowers the ability to communicate with journalists without being tracked.

In most cases, whistleblowers have sensitive government or company information. They can be easily tracked down and even prosecuted if they share the information on the visible web.

SecureDrop is the best onion site on the darknet that protects the privacy of journalists and whistleblowers.

Visit SecureDrop: http://sdolvtfhatvsysc6l34d65ymdwxcujausv7k5jk4cy5ttzhjoi6fzvyd.onion

6) Sci-Hub

Sci-Hub is a massive database that removes barriers to obtaining scientific knowledge. It contains millions of scientific research papers from all over the world.

The site aims to liberate information by making it freely available to individuals and institutions.

Visit French Deep Webhttp://scihub22266oqcxt.onion

7) Torch

Torch is a search engine that allows you to do like Google, but in an anonymous manner. Torch specializes in finding anything illegal on the Darknet, sold on platforms that are prohibited by law and morals.

Visit Torchhttp://xmh57jrzrnw6insl.onion/

8) Daniel

Daniel is a great way to explore the darknet. It hosts over 10 .onion categorized links to make it easy for you to browse the web.

One of Daniel's impressive features is the built-in functionality that indicates whether a particular website is functional or not. This means you won't need to open and load every link listed to confirm if it works.

This is a great feature considering that Tor Browser has longer load times than regular browsers.

Visit Daniel : http://danschat356lctri3zavzh6fbxg2a7lo6z3etgkctzzpspewu7zdsaqd.onion

9) Facebook for Tor

To bypass censorship and to maintain your anonymity, you can connect to Facebook using the Tor network.

Using Facebook on Tor is completely secure and functional. For his Facebook friends, nothing changes because going through Tor does not exempt himself from logging in and appearing with his real identity.

Visit Facebook for Tor:  PoufaceBookCorewwwi.union

10) The Hidden Wiki

The hidden Wiki is a site which brings together a hundred links to .onion sites, and encyclopedic articles in wiki format.

The Hidden Wiki is a good way to start accessing the darknet. This is the darknet version of Wikipedia with a huge link directory. You will find all the .onion links needed to access any content or service on the dark web.

However, you should be careful with the links you click on. Since Hidden Wiki runs all kinds of websites, make sure you don't open anything you don't want to see.

Visit The hidden Wiki: http://zqktlwi4fecvo6ri.onion/wiki/index.php/Main_Page