Darknet for iPhone, how to access it?

darknet iphone
darknet iphone

Last updated: July 8, 2022

You want to go to darknet with your iPhone but you don't know how? No problem ! Here I give you a tip that will allow you to access the darknet for iPhone.

This solution uses the TOR network with the app onion browser for iPhone. Tor is a decentralized network that anonymizes connection data as much as possible.

Onion Browser is an open source web browser for iOS that connects to Tor. It's free and does the job of connecting to TOR. Thanks to this application, you can access websites censored in certain countries.

With Onion Browser, it is possible to browse the Web without being a victim of tracking and also allows access to .Onion sites usually only accessible from Tor.

Go to the darknet on iPhone or iPad with Onion Browser

To go to the darknet with your iPhone or iPad, it's quite simple, here are the steps to follow:

  • To begin download Onion Browser from the App Store.
  • Launch the Onion Browser app in iOS and choose “Connect to TOR” on launch
  • Tor will initialize and when finished you will see a browser screen indicating that it has successfully connected to the TOR network
  • Once the TOR connection is complete, start your web browsing as usual in the Onion Browser app

Keep in mind that browsing the web with Onion Browser is slow, because your network traffic is distributed around the world in an effort to anonymize you and increase your privacy.