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Last updated: January 1, 2023

If you read from time to time FunInformatique, you probably know the social engineering, a technique used by hackers to obtain confidential information from these victims.

Know that with a simple software that change your voice, it is possible to improve this technique of social engineering.

Modulate is online software that lets drastically change someone's voice.

For example transforming a male voice into a female voice. But also to be able to give the voice of someone famous for any of your sentences.

Modulate interface

Your phone starts ringing and at the end of the line a confident voice comes to ask you a few questions. This person says they are in your company's IT department.

The voice is sensual, the person has a lot of humor and you can hear office noises in the background.

For you no doubt, this beautiful young woman has a very boring job and you sympathize.

In order not to be disagreeable, you agree to answer his questions.

At the beginning of a general order ("You are more like fruit or plain yogurt"), the questions become more and more personal. You have fallen into the trap. In less than two, you've given your mom's maiden name, the make of your first car, or your favorite food.

Does that remind you of anything?

These are the famous security issues which make it possible to find or change password...

Modulate is a online service which allow you to change your voice: change genre, lower or higher, imitate someone's voice (in English) or do TTS (Text to Speech).