How to change your Facebook password?

change facebook password
change facebook password

Change your Facebook password is essential when you have doubts about the activity of your account, or just to further guarantee your security and prevent hackers from to hack a Facebook account.

Also, it is a social network which contains all our information, better to preserve it jealously. Whatever the reason, you should know how this operation takes place, the elements to take into account, and especially the exact locations of the tabs that should allow you to get there.

Follow these few steps that will help you keep your personal data on Facebook even more secure.

Go to the general settings tab of your account

You must start by finding the tab of General settings of your account.

On a standard Facebook task bar, you have seven (7) tabs arranged horizontally. The first one going from left to right is Profile, the second Home, then Invitations, Messaging, Notifications, Quick Help and finally the last which contains a Menu, symbolized by an arrow in the shape of a small triangle pointing downwards.

You must click on this last tab, to have access to the Menu which is presented in the form of a list. All below, just before Logout, you will see the option Parameters.

By clicking on it, you will have access to all the general parameters of your account. Enter it, and observe the next steps.

Enter the Security and Connection option

Once in your general account settings, you will be looking completely at the far left of your screen. A list of these parameters is proposed. Just at the second position you will see the option Security and Connection. It is in the latter that you must enter.

You'll see an option layout called My Connections at the very top, and a second called Connection, that's what you should be interested in. In the latter, there is a box that contains two options including TO CHANGE THE PASSWORD. Opposite this option, on the right, is a notification EDIT, click on it and continue.

Change your password

Clicking on EDIT, you get into the process of changing your password. From this moment, all you have to do is make the change, and enter the password of your choice, while respecting the syntax which must be used.

In the first dial which is located in this part, designated by the name CURRENT, you must enter your current password, that is to say the one you use and wish to change.

The second dialer invites you to enter the new password you have chosen. The third dial aims to confirm the latter. In other words, you must make sure that the two passwords entered in dials two and three are identical, otherwise you will be asked to resume them.

When you enter your new secret code, you always have the level of security indicated to you. It gives an overview of the complexity, and therefore of the good security of your account.