Transform a male voice into a female voice live

change male female voice
change male female voice

Last updated: April 27, 2024

Come on, admit it! You must have tried more than once to pass yourself off as someone else during a telephone hoax. Unless you have skills in imitators, your hoax has most certainly fallen through.

Audio technology is now so advanced that it is possible for everyone to change their voice live, and seamlessly.

Here's how to go about transform your voice from male to female live.

Recorded or live voice, a question of price

And yes ! Although this technology is tending to democratize, it is still relatively expensive. You will find all kinds of software, and website offering you to modify your voice for free. This modification, more or less successful, will only apply to recordings made beforehand.

This is the case, for example of voice Changer, a free website offering many effects (not all of very good quality). You can record yourself using your microphone or an audio file on your computer (maximum 100mb). Its use is therefore very limited.

Most software and sites offering the live voice change will ask you to pay, once or for a subscription, to use this service. But the moment you do that, a world of possibility opens up to you.

Most of this software is compatible with online platforms, as long as you use your microphone. For example, it will be very easy to impersonate a woman during a Call of Duty game, or during a live on Twitch for example.

These software also work on communication platforms such as Skype, or Microsoft Teams. Handy for playing a joke on your colleagues during office hours.

Personalized mobile apps to transform your voice are also available. Again, be very careful! Mobile phones are protected against this type of application.

No free application offers live modification for calls via the mobile network. For sums of up to a few tens of euros, you can buy credits so that your voice becomes that of a woman during your calls. Your call goes through one of the application's servers which modifies your voice before reaching your interlocutor.

What software to use to turn my voice into a woman

There is a lot of software available online to allow you to transform your voice from male to female, or with whatever effect you desire.


Modulate is a true voice specialist on the Internet. The solution offers several features using voice in different context. The one we're interested in here is called Modulate's Voice Wear and lets you choose between 100 different filters.

The AI ​​of the platform, although trained in English, is able to recognize certain peculiarities of the French language such as our incomparable “r”.


voicemod is the most popular platform for gamers, or those who want to play pranks online. And for good reason, it allows you to change your voice directly in the games you play.

The only small drawback is that a PC running Windows will be necessary (the Mac version is under development). Obviously, the free demo will be limited and you will quickly have to put your hand in your pocket (you have to keep the developers alive, don't you?).

This software is ideal for change your voice on discrod, Skype or Fortnite.

Voxal Here is Changer and AV Voice Changer

Voxal voice changer et AV Voice Changer are two solutions to put in the category of software a little more traditional. You download them to your PC or Mac, apply the settings that suit you, and off you go! Like any software of this type, it will obviously be necessary to pay to access all the functionalities.

The rest in video

You are now ready to transform your voice from a man to a woman, or a robot, or an alien. It's up to you, we won't judge you!