5 tips to avoid computer dangers

5 tips to avoid computer dangers
5 tips to avoid computer dangers

Computers have furnished our daily life for several years. We use it at work, at home. Yes, the computer is very present in our lives.

If you too work all day behind your computer then here are some tips to live in perfect harmony with it and limit the damage.

By putting these few tips into practice, you will feel better in front of your PC and your work will be more efficient.

  • Don't sit in front of the screen for long hours without resting. This, just like when you take a long road trip: take a break every two hours to relax.

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  • Sight is important. To date, the computer has not been found to cause trouble. It can, however, reveal latent disorders, if any. They would have gone unnoticed without the visual strain it imposes. Again, observe the screen from a suitable distance, especially not too close.
  •  Take your eyes off the screen from time to time and look away. It appears that the eye spontaneously accommodates over a resting distance other than its distance from the screen. It would then be the constant obligation to return to the screen that would cause fatigue, according to a recent theory.


  • Beware of wrist cramp, comparable to tennis players' elbow problems. If you don't have much practice and if you hit the keyboard for too long in a demanding forearm and hand position, you will suffer from inflammation of the wrist or hand. Usually, an anti-inflammatory ointment, such as those used by athletes, will overcome this problem.
  • Don't let your children, especially younger ones, play for long hours at a time on the screen. Certain games, with strong and rapid variations of light, can trigger latent crises which would also have remained without this revealing.