Unable to open Facebook on Android? Here is the solution!

facebook android can't open
facebook android can't open

Last updated: June 29, 2022

Today, Facebook may have a reputation for being one of the social networks with the oldest population, but despite everything, it is still a hit. Indeed, many people still have an account on it.

Moreover, even if you are perhaps less active on it, you keep it aside to continue to inform you and to follow certain pages. Despite everything, it sometimes happens that problems arise and thatit is no longer possible to connect to it.

The origin of these problems can be multiple and in this article, we will try to be as exhaustive as possible on the problems which can be at the origin of this kind of breakdown by exploring a little all the avenues available. ours.

So let's not waste a moment and see what may be at the origin of the fact that you simply could not access Facebook on Android. In a few minutes, you will be able to navigate on it as if nothing had happened.

Check your login credentials?

The first case that we are going to see is a bit special since it is not a breakdown strictly speaking, but rather a problem that would come from you, loss of your login credentials.

Indeed, we are so used to never disconnecting from Facebook that when it comes time to enter these identifiers again, we sometimes have a big memory lapse and no longer remember them.

To do this, go to the Facebook home page and click on “Forgotten password”. You will then be asked to enter the email address that is linked to the account or a phone number so that we can send you a reset email.

If you can't remember your email address either, there is a technique. Ask a friend to go to your page and click on the three little dots on the right. There you have the option to find help or report a profile.

Click on it and choose “I can not access my account”. You are then offered to send an email to a largely hidden address. But with the information obtained, you should be able to find which one it is.

For more details, see this article: How to recover facebook account password?

Check that Facebook is not experiencing server issues

If you have your credentials, but you can't access them, it may simply be a failure at the credential server level. It's rare, but it happens from time to time.

Then there is a fairly simple way to monitor if this is the case. Several websites offer users to report outages and, depending on the number, are able to tell you whether the website is down or not.

This is for example the case of the website “Down for everyone or just me?".

You then have the number of failure reports sent and if these exceed a red line calculated by an algorithm, a failure is surely in progress.

Turn off your phone

If you have your identifiers and no failure is reported for the moment, it is surely that the problem comes from your Facebook application on Android which doesn't work.

To do this, we will first advise you to try to restart it manually. If despite closing and restarting, it still does not work, turn off your mobile and turn it back on to see if that changes anything.

Indeed, it is not uncommon that after working nonstop for long hours, small bugs appear and generally, if you restart your laptop, these tend to disappear. If this does not solve the problem, it is therefore that it is indeed the application which has the problem.

Check for overdue updates

The advice that we will then give you is simply to go to the store and check that your Facebook application is up to date. Indeed, we sometimes disable automatic updates.

This is even more true when you don't have a huge internet package and you want to avoid everything going through updates. However, these updates solve a lot of bugs.

It may be one of those bugs you're suffering from right now. So, if there is a more recent update, we simply advise you to do it, which may solve your problem.

Try installing the app again

If despite the update, you still have a problem with your Facebook application, it may simply be because one of the application files is corrupted, even if it is rare.

But rare does not mean impossible and the only way to fix the problem is simply to uninstall Facebook and install it again. The application is not very big, it also does not take long to do.

Be careful, when you install it again, you are obviously asked to enter your identifiers. If you remember more, we advise you to go back to the beginning of this article to find out the procedure to follow in this particular case.

Switch to the browser version

If despite all your efforts, the Facebook application still does not work on your Android mobile, the explanation may be twofold. The first is an issue with the current version of the app bugging your phone.

In this case, you will unfortunately not be able to use it until a resolution of this bug is provided and for that, you will have to wait for a next update. In the meantime, you can always send a ticket to support.

The second reason that could explain why you no longer have access to your application is simply that you have an outdated laptop with an operating system that is simply no longer supported by the Facebook application.

Anyway, all is not lost. Indeed, with your smartphone, it is possible to connect to the internet and in the meantime, you can always access Facebook via the browser version. It's less practical than the application version, but temporarily, it can help.