The 7 best free games for Linux

linux games
linux games

Last updated: July 3, 2022

Linux has long had a bad reputation when it comes to gaming. Linux gamers often keep a partition Windows, as well as dual booting, to be able to play on their computer.
The games are not ported to Linux because this platform is not used by a sufficient number of players. However, this situation results from the fact that an insufficient number of games are designed so that they can be used with this operating system.
However, if you are a Linux user and you like games, there are plenty of high quality free games available for our dear GNU / Linux. In this article you will find some fun in Linux, maybe even enough for you. forgo the dual boot option.


Glest is a 3D strategy game, which immerses you in a fantastic world where two factions clash, one dominated by magic, the other using technology. Each has its own characteristics, units, buildings and developments.
Glest is not only a game but also an engine for making strategy games, based on XML and a set of tools.
Download Glest

Warzone 2100

Warzone 2100 is a Real-Time Strategy video game developed by Pumpkin Studios
The objective of the game will be both to build your base, while collecting the maximum amount of raw materials to ultimately create your combat units and set out to conquer the world. The graphics are aging, but very correct. This game has the advantage of being very well translated into French and it also has a tutorial that allows you to get started with the game before embarking on more difficult campaigns.
Download Warzone 2100


TORCS is a free three-dimensional car racing video game.
TORCS allows you to find yourself in the shoes of a racing driver. It allows you to compete in various types of races, on around 1 vehicles (rally and Formula XNUMX cars, the vehicle data is not all under free license), on a wide variety of circuits.
The game can be played in multiplayer or against the computer, the artificial intelligence being quite advanced.
Version 1.3 brings improvements in terms of sounds and scenery and offers a circuit editor.
Download TORCS


OpenArena is a multi-platform, free-to-play first-person shooter.
The single player mode allows you to face one or more players controlled by artificial intelligence, while the multiplayer mode allows you to face other players whether by Internet or local network.
Fight against gargoyles, robots, soldiers and whatever is in front of you… Don't forget to collect the weapons, ammunition, supplies and armor to help you in your mission!
Download OpenArena


Nexuiz is a quality first-person shooter set in a sci-fi universe.
It is a primarily multiplayer game that allows human or robot players to compete against each other.
A single player campaign is included, it allows you to play against bots.
26 maps are currently available, as well as more than 240 unofficial maps. The player has the choice between 15 different characters and 24 weapons. For weapons, we stay in the classic: machine gun, rocket launcher, mortar, electron cannon ...
Download Neuiz

Frozen bubble

Frozen Bubble is a free puzzle video game developed by Guillaume Cottenceau. Inspired by Puzzle Bobble. It is written in Perl and SDL media library. It works on multiple operating systems such as GNU/Linux, Mac OS Windows.
Download Frozen Bubble

Super Tux

This is a game made in 2D and strongly inspired by Nintendo's Super Mario. It was originally developed by Bill Kendrick and is currently maintained by the SuperTux development team.
You control, with the keyboard or the joystick, a penguin in an icy environment. Coins are to be collected in order to increase your score as well as bonuses to make the animal fat or allow it to throw balls at enemies. 9 different enemies are to fight on the 26 available levels.
Mario's mushrooms are replaced by penguin eggs, green mushrooms by little penguins and finally by arriving in an igloo.
Download SuperTux