Know who deleted you from Facebook

know who deletes me on facebook
know who deletes me on facebook

True friends are for life. But not necessarily on Facebook. 🙂 From day to day you see your number of Facebook friends decreasing on your own. And you would like to answer this question: But who dared me delete from facebook ? 🙁

This is exactly what can be done Who Deleted Me, an extension which integrates perfectly with the interface of your browser then he adds a section "Who Deleted Me" which allows you to see which contacts have removed you from their friend list. With each new deletion, you will receive a notification.

Who Deleted Me, scans contact lists at installation time to clearly show the number of lost friends over time and usage. He offers to be informed of any account deletion from your contacts or friend requests still pending or refused.

It only works for Chrome, Firefox and Opera browsers. There is also an app for iOS and Android mobile devices.

Nothing could be simpler to implement the who deleted me application. Go to the site: and install the extension. On the Play Store the application is called "Who Deleted Me on Facebook". You will need to log into your Facebook account. Once connected, you will see on your browser at the top right an additional icon which displays the number of your friends.

It is then possible to see your new friends and the people who deleted you since you set up Who Deleted Me. You will also be informed, by a notification, of any deletion of your name from a list of friends.

Interesting isn't it?