Identifying a scammer’s number: our complete guide

You have received a phone call from an unknown number ? Don't call back yet! Here's how to know if you're about to fall for a phone scam.

With all those pesky calls going around, it's more important than ever to know how tot identify the phone scams. Scammers use aggressive and deceptive tactics to pressure you into making a quick decision, and they can cause you to lose a lot of money. In this article, we will take a close look at 5 steps to identify a scammer call.

How do I know if a number is a scam with Google?

To check if a number is a scam, type it into your search engine. If it's a legitimate company, you'll find it on their website. Just make sure the site is real, not a scam.

Indeed, by entering the suspicious number in the Google search bar, it is likely that you will discover information related to this number. Other people who have been victims of this malicious number may have shared details about it, whether on a forum or on social networks.

Identify a scammer number using phone number directories

To identify the identity of a worrying phone number, you can use a inversed annual. There are several, such as the Yellow Pages or the White pages. These services will usually provide you with information such as the caller's first and last name, address, occupation, company, etc.

Here are some options for American, British, and French numbers:

  • 118 (France) – Orange directory: The first service most used by the French is 118 712 from Orange. It offers a comprehensive platform for users to search for numbers in the directory.
  • 800notes (United States) : Next, in the United States, 800notes is a must-have option. Simply enter the phone number in the box Search to get user reviews based on their experiences with the number.
  • Yellow Pages (France): The third option is Pages Jaunes, with a reverse search to find out the owner of the number in France.
  • YouMail (United States) : Again, for US numbers, YouMail is an advanced option. By entering a phone number, you can check if it is listed as a spammer. You can also view commonly reported spam numbers, and even listen to examples of scam call recordings.
  • tellows (France) :Finally, our latest service is Tellows. It allows you to report and comment on unwanted numbers in France.

Check if a number is a scam with an app Android

In addition to phone directories, there are smartphone apps that help you identify a phone scam.

TrueCaller is an application that allows you to see the identity of a caller, even if that number is not saved in your address book. To use TrueCaller, you must first download the app on your smartphone Android or iOS. Next, create an account and log in.

TrueCaller android

In addition to TrueCaller, there are many other similar apps that help identify unknown callers.

Here are some of the most popular:

  •  CallApp : This app is very similar to TrueCaller, with a comparable caller database. It also offers additional features, such as the ability to block unwanted calls and receive notifications about calls from unknown numbers.
  • Mr. Number : This app is another good option to identify unknown callers. It has a well-stocked caller database and offers similar features to TrueCaller and Whoscall.
  • Whoscall: This app offers a different user interface from previous apps, but it offers the same essential features. It has a large caller database and allows you to block unwanted calls and receive notifications about calls from unknown numbers.

What to do in case of an unwanted phone call?

If you think the number that called you is suspicious, here are some simple tips to protect yourself from unwanted calls.

Do not call back the suspicious number

This is super important. Some numbers can cost you a lot of money.

Often, these foreign numbers are associated with exorbitant fees, prompting users to call back and incur significant financial charges.

Keep your personal information to yourself

There's no point saying things about yourself to people you don't know. It's a basic rule: protect your personal information.

Block the number

If the number bothers you, block it in settings from your phone. If that's not enough, ask your operator to block this annoying number.

Register on Bloctel

To avoid advertising calls, put your number on Bloctel. That way, companies won't bother you to sell stuff. But be careful, surveys and associations can still call you.

Report the number

If you are sure that it is an annoying number, report it on specialized sites. Use free apps like Calls Blacklist to stop those pesky calls.

By reporting these numbers, you help other people avoid annoying calls.