Automatically ignore ads in YouTube videos

block youtube video ads
block youtube video ads

Today, YouTube ads are getting more and more intrusive. YouTube has massively increase advertising among users who listen to a lot of music. Why ? To push them to its paid platform.

These ads are read even when ad blockers are enabled in your browser. But with the new extension Sponsor Block, you can now Ignore automatically ads on YouTube.

What is SponsorBlock?

Sponsor Block is an extension Open Source for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox which allowsautomatically ignore ads from YouTube videos. So you can watch the videos in peace without having to listen to commercial messages.

Adding Sponsor Block to your browser is also a better option for avoid interruptions while playing videos on YouTube.

The extension works thanks to its users who every day submit new videos including sponsored games to a central database. One user submits the information and everyone else benefits from the information.

Sponsored parts of videos that are in the database will be skipped after the extension is installed.

How to Automatically Ignore Skip Ads from YouTube?

To ignore ads on YouTube videos, it's easy! You don't have to be a computer expert.

  • Start by installing the extension for Firefox ou Chrome.
  • Once you add it to the browser, it will start working automatically.
  • If an ad is not recognized by SponsorBlock, you can add it immediately to block it from there.
  • Finally, if you want to make YouTube ads reappear, just click on the "Unskip" button so that the ads are not ignored.

And There you go ! In this way, you can enjoy annoying videos without interruption.