Ranking of web browsers in 2023

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rank browser 840x380 1

Last updated: July 27, 2023

What is the fastest web browser for browsing the web in 2022? Which one performs the best in terms of functionality?

A little research I did allowed me to discover the most used browser around the world. The winner at the top of the list of the most used browsers in the world is none other than Google Chrome.

Chrome far exceeds Safari and Firefox

According to StatCounter, one of the main specialists in analysis and statistics on web usage, Google's browser, reached 63,74% of the market share in March 2021, which allows it to keep first place in the Marlet.

When Firefox stagnates, or even drops… we can only applaud the solid performance of Safari, which nevertheless picks up 19.23% of the share and Opera is still a very elitist browser at 2.17%.

While Internet Explorer is no longer officially updated, it still represents more than 0.78% of the market share, ranking 8th among the most used browsers in the world behind UC Browser.

The use of IE has steadily declined for years. On the other hand, the new Microsoft Edge browser wins a small share. It is 3.36%.

On mobile devices, the combined market share of Chrome and Safari is almost 90% of the market.

Although Firefox is in third position, the study only grants it 3.68%, so we can imagine how unpopular browsers such as Opera or Brave are, despite the beautiful promises they offer us.


These figures should be taken with caution. We will have to wait for the statistics of Net Applications to confirm this trend. What is not certain: StatCounter tends to overvalue Chrome, which Microsoft had criticized a little in a post, explaining in particular that StatCounter made no correction to its figures, in particular by forgetting the "geographical weight" of each country and counting only the gross number of page views and not unique visitors.