How to send an anonymous email?

anonymous email
anonymous email

Last updated: January 27, 2023

You have your personal email address, but for once you want to protect your identity and send an email anonymously?

There are a whole lot of reasons to want remain anonymous and do not divulge your real email. Among these reasons we find:

  • Disseminate information to the press.
  • Send information to militant organizations
  • Sign online petitions.

After all, anonymity and privacy is a right.

The easiest way is to find a free email service like Gmail, create a new account, and presto, neither seen nor known. It doesn't have my name on it, so I'm fine.
It's wrong. You should know that there is not only your name, but there is the IP address of your PC in the header of the message which is used to identify you.

In this article, I will introduce you to the most reliable way to send anonymous emails.

The most secure method for send an anonymous emailis to use web services temporarily providing an anonymous mailbox. You can then send and receive emails discreetly.

here are some anonymous email services that allow you tosend and receive emails anonymously. With some, you will benefit from the encryption of your emails.


Protonmail is completely free to send anonymous emails for any purpose. It works on the Tor network which uses multiple hidden servers which makes it completely untraceable. its operation is done by transmitting information via a multitude of computers before accessing the requested computer. This service is developed to offer maximum anonymity, so it is one of the best ways to be sure not to be tracked.


There are other privacy-focused email services. Some of our favorites include Tutanota.

AnonymousEmail allows you to send anonymous emails without any registration. Just fill out the form which includes; Recipient address, subject and content of the email. There is also an option to attach a file to the email. If you want a reply from the receiver, you have the option of specifying a reply-to address.


Tempmail is very simple and easy to use. You just have to indicate the recipient's e-mail address, the subject of your message, and the body. It will remove your IP address when sending your email which makes it even harder for you to track.


GuerrillaMail has a unique feature that provides the user. It has a self destructible and temporary disposable email address so that you can send anonymous emails to anyone on the internet. The email address is automatically deleted after one hour. As soon as you connect to the site, a random email address is created, and you can use it to send and receive emails in anonymous mode.

Finally, I recommend that you combine these services with the use of other anonymity-enhancing tools such as Tor, a proxy or a VPN. Without it, your identity could be revealed simply by your IP address.

EL JAOUARI is an author and trainer. Passionate about IT security and new technologies. His tutorials have helped many people to better master today's computer tools.