Tutanota, encrypt your emails easily

use e-mail account tutanota cipher
use e-mail account tutanota cipher

Since Edwards Snowden's revelations about NSA surveillance methods, encryption solutions of all kinds are on the rise. We no longer count the software or services that make it possible to encrypt your online storage spaces, your telephone communications or your instant messaging.

The problem with two-way communications is that your recipients absolutely have to use the same system as yours. Otherwise, you cannot communicate securely. Fortunately, here is Tutanota, a service of webmail based in Germany who end-to-end encryption of your emails and which incorporates a clever solution to communicate with those who do not use it.

How does Tutanota work?

The entire encryption process is done from your home, on your browser. Impossible for a hacker to recover your private key online, for a spy in the pay of the NSA to hack your account, even in the event of a search.

But the best part is that if your correspondent does not use Tutanota, you just have to specify a password for your message. The latter must be communicated from a secure method (in person).

With this password, your friend will only have to read your message directly on the Tutanota website ! The service offers 1 GB of free storage and the code is open source for more transparency.

The only problem is that if you lose your password, no one can give it back to you. He will be lost forever.

How to use Tutanota?

  • Start by registering on the site Tutanota. Enter the various information requested.
  • After entering your verification code, your browser will then generate your pair of keys. Type your password again to be directed to the main interface.
  • Like a classic webmail, you will have an inbox, an outbox, a spam filter, a contact list and the possibility of attaching an attachment.

    Tutanota registration form
  • To send an email, do New then write your message. Basically, it will be encrypted for users of Tutanota, but also for others.
  • To send an unencrypted message, click on the padlock. Otherwise do Send! The service will then ask you for a password so that your correspondent can read the message.

    Window for sending an email
  • Your correspondent will receive an e-mail with the subject Confidential email from X.
  • He will have to click Show mail then he enters the password that you will have communicated to him. He can save the latter if he connects from a private computer.
  • Then, he can answer you from the browser by choosing Reply confidentially.

There you go, this tutorial on Tutanota  is coming to an end, if you have any questions please do not hesitate. I tested and it looks pretty good to me. It's your turn test now.