TorBirdy: route your emails through the TOR network

TorBirdy route your emails through the TOR network
TorBirdy route your emails through the TOR network

If you are an avid reader of FunInformatique, you probably know TOR. This protocol makes it possible to anonymize connections to protect your privacy and avoid curious children.
We have seen how to protect the consultation of a site with TOR. Today we will see that emails can also go through onion routing thanks to the TorBirdy software.

This is an extension, but designed to
Thunderbird (an easy-to-configure messaging application). TorBirdy's goal is to encrypt emails passing them through TOR's decentralized network.
The latter is made up of several routers which aim to anonymize all the packets that circulate. You can therefore send messages without the risk of being intercepted and avoiding revealing your location.


TorBirdy works great with SMTP, IMAP, and POP3, but the latter is recommended as it's simpler and less subject to changes that could jeopardize your anonymity.
Note that all emails that you send and receive will be in raw test and not in HTML, and that your customer will no longer be able to automatically tell you if you have received any messages. This is the price to pay for anonymity!
TorBirdy works well with a Gmail account that you would have migrated to Thunderbird. Also note that TorBirdy is compatible with JonDo, Whonix or even Tails.
The extension can be downloaded here.